Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 6th January 2010 at 7.30pm in The Nelson Suite of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton, Vice Chairman David Hook, Debbie Ashford, Kevin Cunningham, Richard Delf, Hamish Rose, Peter Workman and the Clerk - Ian Nelson.



Members of the public present                                                                                                       





Apologies were received from County Councillor Alison Thomas, Liz Allen and David Pointer.



Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 18th November 2009 were approved and signed.




Public Participation

No members of the public were present.




Planning Applications


New application since the last meeting:


A&4909 – Licence No OF1092248 – Kevin Cunningham


Mr C Florence , The Bungalow, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Proposed dormer window to front elevation and kitchen extension to rear – Recommended approval.


Mr Cunningham declared a pecuniary interest in the next item and left the meeting.


Mr Kevin Cunningham, Cunningham Auto, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Retention of change of use to commercial garage, steel container, summerhouse, lean to structure for domestic storage and lean to structure for commercial use. – Recommended approval and comment on our support for a long standing business. Comment also to be made on lighting.


Mr Cunningham returned to the meeting.

















Applications approved since the last meeting:

Mr & Mrs S Burley, Bramber House Mill Rd, Hempnall - Proposed first floor extension to side/rear of dwelling .


Mr & Mrs D Humphreys, High House, Field Lane, Hempnall - Proposed two storey extension to side of domestic dwelling.


Mr & Mrs Luke Parfitt, 15 Roland Drive, Hempnall - Proposed single storey rear extension with associated internal alterations.


Mr M Burns, White Cottage, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Retention of cart lodge for residential parking.



Applications withdrawn since the last meeting:

Mr R Davy, Hempnall Tennis Club, Hempnall - Proposed erection of additional 6m central lighting pole with 4 metal hail lamps.




Claim for public rights over Back Lane

Mr Rose is holding the application forms for action.


Volunteers for the application so far are ; Janette Franks, Ian Nelson, David Hook, Geoffrey Moulton, Richard Delf, Liz Allen,  A further 6 volunteers are needed , support to be sought by all councillors ready for next meeting.








Change of use of Queens Head

Mr Delf proposed, Mrs Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Rose would investigate the position with SNC.





Boundary Committee decision re Norfolk and consultation

The Boundary Committee has recommended that Norfolk is a county unitary authority the clerk had written to the Secretary of State to restate HPC’s position.






Matters arising from previous parish council meetings



Greater Norwich Development Partnership Consultation

Hempnall’s existing policy on this matter had been communicated.



Date of parish council meetings 2010

The clerk had published the dates.




Village cleaning

The Clerk had written a letter of thanks to Mr Cracknell and included the gift.




Budget/Precept 2010/11

The Clerk had informed SNC of the required precept and commented on the size of the precept in the Autumn newsletter.






Football club goalposts

The clerk had written to the chairman of the football club re the damaged caused by the goalposts being pushed into the new hedge.



See-Saw installation

Mr Ellis is to install the see-saw when the weather permits.




Playing Field sign

The sign had been erected.




Autumn Newsletter

The clerk had drafted and issued the newsletter.




Wind turbine precept

Mr Moulton had liaised with Saxlingham Nethergate PC.



Wild flower seeds

Mr Moulton had made arrangements for planting of such seeds in the old churchyard.




Hugmore Registration

Mr Windridge had made contact with the solicitor at SNC and a statutory declaration has been sent to the Land Registry to start the process. The clerk to monitor progress.






Back Lane Willow Trees & Fencing

Awaiting possible adoption of Back Lane.







Adoption of BT phone box at the Three Horseshoes

The clerk reported that he had responded to SNC to indicate that HPC was interested in adopting the phone box at the Three Horseshoes provided it was disconnected from the electricity supply and in good repair prior to adoption. The clerk reported that a great deal of parishes have said that they are more than willing to adopt the boxes for £1, but are not happy with the £500 Electricity disconnection charge. SNC have suggested that all parishes ask for adoption in order to keep the box until the adoption is finalised. If during that negotiation the electricity charges are not reduced, and the parish council is not prepared to pay, then the parish can withdraw.  Mr Moulton proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the clerk should check the terms of adoption re sale and wait for the outcome of the electricity issue. The clerk to monitor.













Parking on Old Market Way

The police had been informed. Mrs Ashford had met with Paul Edwards our  Neighbourhood Officer of SNC and although he was unable to help directly he had suggested that something is put in the Parish Newsletter to ask people to park sensibly and, if they have driveways, to use them wherever possible. He said to state the issue of a possible emergency, i.e. fire or heart attack, etc. as he felt that was a good angle to make people see why we are highlighting it. Mrs Ashford proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Mrs Ashford should draft a suitable article for the parish newsletter and the same to be put in the Winter HPC Newsletter. Mrs Ashford was also requested












Grass Cutting Contract

The clerk had written to Mrs Rosalind Jones re the Mill Centre grass cutting.


The clerk presented the results of the tender process for a further 3 year period grass cutting contract for the old churchyard and the play area on Bungay Rd.


Mr Delf proposed, Mr Workman seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Ian Smith’s quote be accepted. The clerk to notify all those concerned.










Playing Field Wire Fence Repair

Mr Delf had met with Mark Havens to obtain a quote for the repair of the playing field wire fence – The clerk to chase.





ROSPA play area report

Mr Delf to consider the latest ROSPA report with Mrs Allen and Mr Ellis.





Mrs Allen being absent was unable to report whether she had obtained a quote from her contact – c/f. The clerk reported one of the other quotes had been modified. The clerk reported that 3 of the 6 mole traps set by Mr Youngman on the playing field had been stolen. It was unanimously agreed to await Mrs Allen’s contact’s quote before taking further action. The clerk to respond to Mr Youngman.










Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 6th January 2010 were:


NCC The van in the villages

Tasburgh Quarterly News

Fieldwork Dec 2009

Home options – The route to housing in the greater Norwich area

Norfolk Link – issue 174










Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last main  meeting were:

Various Southwatch alerts

State of Rural Services in England

Inspire East Newsletter - November 2009

SNC - Information on advice and grants available to reduce energy bills

War Memorial vandalism remedies letter

Parish Crime Statistics for November 2009

December Signpost

Parish news from the Rural Services Network

Important notice – bird scarer usage

NALC consultancy summary re  LAIS 1286 Strategy for Lorry Parking Provision

NALC consultancy summary re  LAIS 1287 Local Government Financial Statistics

Street lighting policy - introduction of part night lighting

SAM Results

Parish Crime Statistics for December 2009

Connecting Norfolk Consultation

Rural Services Network re Asset Transfer Unit (ATU) 

March 2010 Issue of LCR


No further matters were raised form the above.






Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:

Notice/Agenda for 6th January 2010 meeting.

Autumn Newsletter


No further matters were raised form the above. 









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Made Parish Meeting minutes of 4th September 2009 final.

Made Parish Meeting minutes of 22nd September 2009 final.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of 18th November 2009.

Added Notice/Agenda for 6th January 2010 meeting.

Added 2010 diary dates

Added Autumn Newsletter


No further matters were raised from the above.










Hempnall Burglars Jailed

Norfolk Constabulary had written to inform residents that on 28th November four men had been jailed for between 3 yrs 6 mths and 4 yrs 8 mths for their part in burglaries on McColl’s in Hempnall and other places in Norfolk around Christmas last year.



Hempnall Football Club

The clerk read out the letter from the Football Club re charges from the PUA. It was agreed that the PUA/village hall where best placed to deal with this matter. Mr Hook proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the clerk write to the PUA and Village Hall Committee and Football Club accordingly.







Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 18th November 2009 to 6th January 2010. The statement was in line with the annual budget. Mr Delf proposed, Mr Cunningham seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.










Playing field Users Association Report

There had not been a meeting.




Play Area Report

See above re ROSPA report.




Dog Bins

The clerk reported that the dog bin on the village hall car park had been destroyed by fire and that he had reported this to the police as vandalism/arson. Mr Delf proposed, Mr Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed that a metal bin should be ordered provided it costs less than £250. The clerk to action.


Mrs Ashford indicated that the Old Market Way area needed a bin in the area of the footpath between the estate and The Street, however it was not felt that this was appropriate at this time. It was agreed that another reminder be put in the parish newsletter re use of bins.












Parish Meeting

The parish meeting will be held on 3rd March 2010 at 7pm. It was agreed that the standard agenda, subject to the exclusion of reports from the Long Stratton Schools, should be issued and the clerk to request the usual reports.


The next parish council meeting will start after a 5 min break following the end of the parish meeting.









Winter Newsletter

The clerk to draft and issue the newsletter with articles on the following matters:

  • Considerate Parking
  • Wind Turbines






Items for next main meeting agenda

  • Parish Meeting





Wind Turbines

It was noted that the inspector of the public inquiry had refused Enertrag’s appeal.


Mr Moulton declared an interest in the next item and refrained from voting.


Mr Workman proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the remaining costs of the inquiry of £1,806 be paid and pro rata recovery be sought from Saxlingham Nethergate PC and SHOWT.


Mr Hook drew to the attention of the meeting that JAWG had fulfilled its delegated tasks and thus would cease following its closing meeting on 11th January.












There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.12pm.





Signed ____________________________________________Date 3rd March 2010









Presented to meeting on 6th January 2010

Current Account

(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :


Bank charge for removal of safe bag



J Ellis - repair play area equipment



SNC - JAWG maps copying



BD&H Ltd - JAWG banners



D Cracknell



MHB Services Ltd - Oct



tr to BPA



Interest NSB



E-on Streetlight Electricity



VAT refund



MHB Services Ltd - Oct



I Nelson Salary & Exp



Transfer BPA to C/a



tr to BPA



Closing Balance


Business Premium Account

(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :


Interest NSB



Interest BPA



Interest BPA



Transfer C/a to BPA



Interest BPA



Transfer BPA to C/a



tr to BPA