Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 16th May 2007 at 7.30pm in The Loft of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton, Vice Chairman David Hook, Liz Allen, Debbie Ashford, Kevin Cunningham, Richard Delf, David Pointer, Hamish Rose, Peter Workman and Clerk - Ian Nelson. 



Members of the public present                                                                                                         

Mrs Sue Ritchie, Mr Patrick Stone, Lady Margaret Attlee, Mr Bill Lloyd, Mrs Melanie Hook, Mrs Julie Parker, Mrs Cindy Mayes.




Apologies were received from District Councillor Michael Windridge, County Councillor Stella Rice.



Acceptance of Appointment forms

All the parish councillors present gave their signed forms to the clerk for filing.

Mr Moulton welcomed Mrs Ashford to the council.




Appointment of Chair and other Officers


The following appointments were made unanimously:



Office Holder




G Moulton

R Delf

D Pointer


D Hook

P Workman

L Allen

Village Hall Rep

L Allen

D Hook

D Pointer

Playing Field Users Reps

R Delf

G Moulton

L Allen


P Workman




H Rose

D Pointer

R Delf

Tree Wardens

D Hook,

G Moulton

P Workman

R Delf

Highways Liaison Rep

D Ashford

P Workman

H Rose

Bank Signatories

R Delf,

G Moulton,

K Cunningham

D Ashford

P Workman



The website to be updated accordingly.




It was also noted that the District Councillor representing Hempnall remained Michael Windridge who had also been appointed to South Norfolk Council Cabinet with responsibility for tourism, enterprise and culture.  Mr Windridge had asked the clerk to advise the meeting that he would be writing to all parish councils for suggestions on how he could promote tourism, enterprise and culture in the area but would welcome any suggestions in advance if they so wished.



Chairman’s Acceptance of Appointment form

The Chairman signed the chairman’s acceptance form and gave it to the clerk for filing.




Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 21st March 2007 were approved and signed.





Public Participation


Wind farm

Mrs Allen declared a prejudicial interest however, in accordance with the rules; she remained in the meeting for the public participation section. Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford also declared an interest in remained in the meeting.


Mrs Ritchie said that it was very distressing that she and others had received a letter from Enertrag which stated that “ The impact of the turbines on Hempnall village is considered within the environmental statement, South Norfolk District Council having identified the area around Hempnall to be suitable for this type of development” she asked whether the statement was true.  Mr Moulton responded that he had already contacted the planning case officer on this matter who had confirmed that Enertrag’s statement was false.


Mr Stone stated that Enertrag’s above claim was disgraceful as it had misled the majority of parishioners who had received the letter.  Mr Stone requested that the parish council raise this matter with South Norfolk Council on the parishioner’s behalf.  Furthermore he stated that Enertrag should be obliged to issue a public correction.


Mr Stone said that Enertrag had been informing people that all objections could only be channelled through them, however, when challenged they were forced to remove such statements from the publicity in the exhibition held at the Village Hall in April.  Mr Stone requested that Enertrag be asked to make the position quite clear that objections can be made to South Norfolk Council as well.


Mr Stone also expressed concern over Enertrag’s dismissal of the results of polls taken in the village which showed a substantial majority against the wind farm.  He was particularly concerned that Enertrag were distorting the facts by publishing figures which seem to indicate the majority of people were for the wind farm when this was not the case.  Such misleading information is not hopeful.


Mr Stone pointed out that Enertrag’s proposed construction route to the site was “subject to suitability” and expressed concern as to what might happen if it proved to be unsuitable.


Finally Mr Stone indicated that there were many more suitable areas in East Anglia, particularly offshore, to meet the green agenda. He could not understand why Enertrag or the landowner should want such a development so close to Hempnall.


Lady Attlee supported fully the comments of the previous speaker and urged the parish council to have another public meeting before the planning application to correct the misleading information being disseminated by Enertrag.  She felt it would be useful to have a meeting at which proper consultation could take place as she felt Enertrag’s meetings were very poor.


Mrs Hook was concerned about the use of the word “identified” in Enertrag's letters as highlighted above by Mrs Ritchie.  She said that this gave the wrong impression that South Norfolk Council had selected Hempnall as a suitable area when this was not the case.


Mrs Parker stated that the parish council needs to backup the people of the village.




















































Planning Applications


New applications since the last meeting are:

Ms J Arnold, 43 Old Market Way, Hempnall - Proposed extension – No response made.



Mr & Mrs A Lord, Melrey, Silver Green, Hempnall - Two storey side extension & demolition of existing bathroom & w/c – Recommended  approval subject to the materials used being sensitive to the existing building.


Mr R D Penn, Lyncroft, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Proposed new access #2 – Recommended approval.


Applications approved since the last meeting are:

Hempnall Football Club, Talbot Park, Alburgh Rd, Hempnall - Siting temporary changing facilities & storage unit.


Mr C Chapman, Vine Cottage, The Street, Hempnall - Proposed insertion of 2 dormer windows & extension to garaging.


Ms J Arnold, 43 Old Market Way, Hempnall - Proposed extension.


Mr. & Mrs. C Lehrbach, Ash Cottage, Field Lane, Hempnall - Single story rear extension.


Applications refused since the last meeting are:                    

Mr R D Penn, Lyncroft, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - proposed new access.


T-Mobile (UK) Ltd, Manor Farm, The Street, Hempnall - Prior approval application for proposed installation of a new monopole 15m high (to top of antennae) and associated equipment cabinets.


Pre-application discussion

Mrs. Allen expressed a prejudicial interest in the next three items and left the meeting.


T-Mobile (UK) Ltd, Manor Farm, The Street, Hempnall - Mr. Moulton explained that the previous application had been rejected by officers of SNC based on visual intrusion and that the possible health grounds were insufficient to refuse the application. A revised design of a 12 m high monopole scheme has been put forward.  The new scheme incorporates the antennae within the pole so that the visual impact of the scheme is reduced.  In addition the poll is designed to replicate a telegraph pole of which there are several in the area.  The position of the mast is the same as the previous application. It was agreed to await the planning application before making comment.













































Proposed Wind Farm

Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford declared an interest.


The Clerk had published the survey results on the web site and in the newsletter.


It was agreed that given the nature of the comments made by members of the public under public participation above, the parish council should write to the case officer at South Norfolk Council for clarification on the following matters:

  • That South Norfolk Council had not identified the area around Hempnall will be suitable for this type of development.
  • That objections did not need to be made soley via Enertrag.


If the above enquiry confirmed that the above were true it was also agreed to write to Enertrag to request that they desist from presenting ”misinformation” (to use their own expression) to parishioners and request that they contact all of the people to whom they have written to present the correct facts. A parish council newsletter be prepared and distributed to inform parishioners how to take part in the consultation process and subject to SNC’s confirmation of the facts, present the facts regarding the issues raised by the public as detailed above under  the public participation





Hempnall School

NCC Planning Committee considered the application on 23rd March, the officers recommended approval. The Committee passed the plans subject to conditions.


Mrs. Allen rejoined the meeting.



LDF Gypsy & Traveler LD Document – Issues & Options at stage 1

Mr. Pointer stated that SNC had indicated that the sites were likely to be along the main road routes and would avoid rural sites. Mr. Moulton said that there were information/consultation meetings being held from 18:30 to 20:30 in Broome on 18th May, Easton on 21st May, and Diss on 28th May. The matter will be further discussed at the parish council meeting on 13th June.








Norfolk Minerals and Waste Framework – Core Strategy & Development Control: Issues & Options Stage

Mr. Pointer outlined the method of response. The matter will be further discussed at the parish council meeting on 13th June. The above is open for consultation until 25th June.






Matters arising from previous parish council meeting



Condition of road surfaces

The Clerk had written to NCC who had responded stating that they “can confirm that Field Lane has been identified as a potential structural maintenance haunching scheme, but unfortunately this is still on our forward programme of schemes awaiting funding, and as such the earliest this will be considered for inclusion in the 2009/10 Construction Programme. The remaining roads have all been provisionally included in the 2008 surface dressing programme, but as you would imagine, this will be subject to next years budget settlement.”


Mr Moulton proposed, Mr Workman seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the clerk should write to NCC again to express our concern over the condition of the haunching in Field Lane, with a view to accelerating the repair.














Play area equipment additions

Mr Ellis had installed the equipment, the clerk to write to Mr Ellis to thank him and his team.





Spring Newsletter

The Clerk had written and issued.



Trusteeship/Sale of  Parish Land - Hugmore

We await SNC re the possibility of recording the two plots of land with the Land Registry. This is to be chased late summer.






Village Hall Car Park Repairs

Mr Rose to contact the new contractors and confirmed that they would undertake the work at the same price as May Gurney Surfacing, and then progress the matter.






SNC had inspected the see-saw and deemed it to be suitable for the playground.  Mr Ellis had indicated that he would be prepared to install it. The clerk to liaise.





Ex Recycling Centre

The Clerk had liaised with SNC who had indicated there were precedents for parish’s being paid. The officer concerned would look into the matter.  If any money were to be received it would be £200 to £250 in October.  In addition it may be possible for the Parish Council to apply for up to £5,000 of grant for recycling type activities however this was still only a proposal.  The clerk to continue to liaise with SNC to obtain the best benefit to the parish.


Further fly-tipping has been taken place at the old site. The clerk to report to SNC.










Churchyard Risk Assessment

The Clerk had reminded Purfits again and awaited a response




Refurbishment of Play Unit

Mr Medlar is to complete the repair work when Mr Ellis has replaced the turret floors. Mr Delf will follow up as contact councillor.





War Memorial Stones

There is a problem of vehicles running over the edges of the War Memorial grass and moving the surrounding stones. Mr Ellis had reported to the clerk that he was of the opinion that it would be impossible to prevent lorries clipping the edges of the grass and that leaving the existing stones in place merely caused more damage to the ground than they prevented.  Mr Ellis suggested that concrete matting through which grass could grow should be placed at the corners/edges of the triangle so that any vehicle overrun onto the grass would not cause such extensive damage. Mr Workman proposed, Mr Cunningham seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the clerk should contact Highways for further alternatives.












War Memorial

The contractors are part way through the work, with the lettering still to be renovated. The Clerk to monitor progress. The Clerk to continue to chase the grant.






Progress report: - the following points were carried forward:


  • One sign post has been erected. Chase extra signage for the three paths off Lower Lane– Mr Rose to progress.
  • Request attention to the Fairstead Lane footpath area that is normally boggy– Mr Rose to progress.










Playing Field Hedge / Field Boundary

During Mr Hook's liaison with Mr Allen it was discovered that the playing field was probably unregistered land.  Mrs Allen proposed, Mr Hook seconded and it was unanimously agreed to register the land at the same time as defining its boundaries digitally.  The clerk to progress with Mrs Allen.









Mr Cunningham reported that he had purchased two traps and would review the old churchyard for moles.






PUA and PC Insurance

Clerk had established that volunteers were not specifically covered by the Parish Council's insurance and added that in order to ensure they were covered full details of the number of volunteers, the hours they worked and what they did would need to be provided to the insurers.  It was agreed that the people below should be treated as follows:




R Youngman re work on the football pitches

His duties were to the football club not the parish council, thus he should be covered by the public liability insurance of the parish council and any insurance the football club may have in place.

D Cracknell re litter clearance

A volunteer to the parish council – The clerk to cover for 2hrs per week under the parish council’s insurance.


J Ellis re work on the play area

A sub contractor. He should be covered by the public liability insurance of the parish council and any insurance he may have in place.


The clerk to notify the insurance company to ensure cover is put in place. In addition the clerk to respond to Mr Youngman.






















Website – new look

The Clerk had emailed Mr Saiko on several occasions but had not had a response. It was agreed to leave the website as it is.



Long Stratton High School donation re swimming pool

It was agreed that a donation would not be appropriate.





Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 16th May 2007 were:


SNC Tree Magazine No 17

SNC LDF Newsletter spring 2007

The Review issue 11

CPRE Norfolk annual report 2006

Clerks & Council Direct issue 51

The Playing Field Spring 2007

NCC Update re recycling centres


No further matters were raised form the above.



Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last meeting were:

Link to the Guide to Parish Council Elections on SNC website – all on email.

Reminder for nomination deadline – all on email.

Result of nominations – all on email.

New Code of Conduct  - all

Government consultation on Norwich City unitary – all

Gypsy and Traveller consultation - discussion events – all on email

Draft accounts for year ended 31/03/07 - all

Norfolk matters magazine – all

NCAPTC – Here to help your council – all

NRCC Signpost – all on email

Parish Crime Statistics March – all on email

Parish Crime Statistics April – all on email


No further matters were raised form the above.



Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:

Notice of Uncontested election – Hempnall

Notice of Poll – District

CPRE AGM & “Wind turbines: is their invasion of the countryside really helping to save the planet?” Notice.

Home composting awareness week poster

Notice re Parish Remuneration Panel

HPC Newsletter Spring 2007

Notice of meeting 17/05/07


No further matters were raised form the above. 



To date there have been 4618 hits on the site.


Added Parish Council draft minutes of  21st March 2007

Parish Council minutes of 17th January 2007 were made Undraft

Added Parish Meeting draft minutes of  21st March 2007

Parish Meeting minutes of 15th March 2006 were made Undraft

Parish Council Nomination results

Update Three Horseshoes telephone No.

Added Chairman’s Report

Added HPC Newsletter Spring 2007

Added Wind farm Facts

Agenda for 16th May 2007 meeting.

Spring Newsletter

A link has been created from “The Local Channel”


No further matters were raised form the above.






Disclosed at Meeting

Correspondence read out by the Clerk at the meeting not covered elsewhere was as follows:



SHOWT response to Enertrag Consultation

A copy of the above had been received by the clerk and was read for information.



CPRE AGM & “Wind turbines : is their invasion of the countryside really helping to save the planet?”

The AGM will take place on 24th May at 6.30pm in The Mill Centre, Hempnall followed by the talk at 7:00pm.



Norfolk Planning Conference

This will be held on 14th June at The Assembly Rooms, Swaffham 10am to 3.30pm



Parish Councillor training sessions

Norfolk Parish Training Partnership are holding a series of introductory sessions primarily aimed at new councillors but they welcome councillors entering their second or further terms of office.  There is no charge to the sessions. Dates and venues of the sessions are available from the clerk.  Councillors wishing to attend must inform the clerk as soon as possible so that bookings can be made.








Letter to chairman re proposed Wind farm

The clerk summarised a letter from Jacqueline Welham addressed to David Lindley of Enertrag UK Ltd and copied to the chairman Hempnall Parish Council.



The Local Channel

The www.thelocalchannel.co.uk has now successfully placed a link to Hempnall Parish Council’s website.



Parish & Town Council Conference

Hosted by South Norfolk District Council on Friday 22nd June 0930 - 1530 hours in Long Stratton offices.

The agenda is being formulated and key areas are:
        The new administration
        Joint working between Parish & Town councils and the District Council
        Environment Strategy
        Tourism & Leisure



Register of Electors

Councillors are entitled to a register of electors for the area provided they complete a form to say that they will only use it for specific uses as shown on form. The clerk issued the forms, Mr Moulton highlighted the “health warning” on the application form.



Posts opposite Doctor’s Surgery

Ian Smith had requested consideration be given to erecting posts at this location to prevent cars parking on the verge and damaging the grass, as this made it very difficult to cut. The Clerk to investigate the boundary line between NCC Highways and the Parish Council with a view to reviewing which grass is cut. After much discussion, Mr Delf proposed, Mrs Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed that no posts should be erected. The clerk to respond to Mr Smith.









Churchyard maintenance

Ian Smith had requested that consideration be given to pruning the bush on the left of the double gates, Mrs Allen stated that the lower branches especially needed cutting back. In addition there was a tree on which Conal hit his head which may require pruning. Mrs Allen agreed to liaise with Mrs Jill Turner to agree on the work required. The clerk to respond to Mr Smith.








Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The Clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 22nd March 2007 to 16th May 2007. The statement was in line with budget, Mr Workman proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.



Internal Audit

Mr. Bailey had carried out the internal audit for the year ended 31st March 2007. Mr.  Moulton proposed, Mrs. Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed to pay Mr. Bailey £50 for his services.






Approval of Annual Accounts to 31/03/07

The Clerk had distributed the accounts for the year to 31.03.07 to all Councillors on 1st May with explanatory commentary. Mr Workman proposed and Mrs Allen seconded that the accounts be approved and the statement of assurance be signed and it was agreed unanimously. Authorisation was given for them to be signed by the Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer and Mr Moulton as Chairman. Mr Moulton thanked the clerk for the preparation of the accounts.


Submission of documents

The Clerk was authorised to submit the statement of accounts; the statement of assurance and the internal auditor’s report once completed.













Notice of expenses

The Clerk has displayed this annual statement on the notice board.




Streetlight Maintenance Contract

The clerk reminded councillors that the streetlights were not covered by a current maintenance contract.  The clerk had contacted two suppliers but only one of whom had responded with a quote. Mr Hook had also contacted a supplier and awaited a quote. To be carried forward to next meeting.










Insurance renewal

The clerk had contacted Parish Council's insurance company to obtain a quote for the forthcoming year; however they were unable to provide it until next week due to their systems not being able to calculate the premium for the renewal date (5 June) until nearer its time.  Last year's premium was £724. Was noted that the premium may increase due to the inclusion of volunteers on policy (see above). Mr Pointer proposed and Mrs Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed that as quotations had been obtained last year, providing the premium was no higher than last years plus 7.5% the clerk was empowered to renew the insurance of the existing provider.












Playing field Users Association Report

Mr Delf stated that Hempnall football club had been promoted to the next division. The clerk to write a letter of congratulations. The promotion meant that certain extra rules had to be complied with. It was agreed in principle for the football club to present a plan re a) the erection of posts either side of the pitch to support advertising boards being displayed during the game, b) permanent dugouts, c) matting re overflow car park. The plans should also cover grass cutting feasibility, insurance issues, grant funding etc.









Play Area Report

The clerk read Mr Ellis’s report to the meeting. It was also agreed to accept Mr Ellis’s offer to remain acting in the position of play area inspector and maintainer. The clerk to write to Mr Ellis to thank him and accept his offer. Mr Delf is to be the main contact councillor.


Mr Allen proposed, Mrs Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed to paint the top bar of the swing. Mr Ellis to be informed.










New Code of Conduct

The revised Model Code of Conduct (set out in the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 had been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting. Mr Delf proposed, Mr Workman seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the code be adopted (including paragraph 12(2)) as a resplacement to the existing code under which the parish council operated.


The clerk is to comply with s.51 (6) of the Local Government Act 2000 which provides:-


As soon as reasonably practicable after adopting a code of conduct under this section, the parish council must:-


(a) ensure that copies of the code or revised code are available at an office of the authority for inspection by members of the public at all reasonable hours. The clerk will retain a copy and publish it on the website.


(b) publish in one or more newspapers circulating in their area a notice. The Clerk to take advantage of SNC’s offer to under take this, FOC.


(c) send a copy of the code or revised code to the Standards Board for England. – The clerk to deal with.






















Standing Orders Review

The annual review of standing orders did not result in any amendments.



Risk Assessment Review

The annual review of the risk assessment resulted in the identification of the following new risks:

  • Tree down in Hugmore Pond

Public liability insurance cover for Hugmore Pond is in place.


Member’s Interests

The Clerk reminded members to ensure that their register of interests were up to date. He also explained that as the new code of conduct had been adopted, everybody would need to complete new forms which contained extra disclosure items. The Clerk provided to each councillor the new style form and guidance notes.  The forms to be completed and given to the Clerk with a copy by return. The clerk to submit to SNC before the 28 day deadline (13th June at SNC)










Unitary Status for Norwich

Consultation document available for review. Mr Hook explained the potential impact this might have on Hempnall\SNC. Norwich had reached the shortlist of potential unitary authorities. The deadline for response is 22nd June.


The Clerk pointed out that there was a meeting to be held organised by NCAPTC on 23rd May at 7pm at Wensum Valley Golf Club to hear Norwich City Council present the advantages and a further meeting on 31st May at 7pm at South Norfolk House to hear Norfolk County Council and the District Councils present the advantages of retaining the status quo.


Councillors to consider in detail before the parish council meeting on 13th June.















Ex Councillor recognition

It was agreed that it would be good to mark the long and excellent service of Mr Ellis in some tangible way. Councillors to consider for discussion at next meeting.





Extra parish council meeting

The clerk to book the village hall for the 13th June, update the website and make usual arrangements.





Items for next agenda

  • LDF Gypsy & Travellers
  • Norfolk Minerals & Waste Framework
  • Councillor recognition
  • Streetlight Maintenance Contract
  • Unitary Status for Norwich


Items for next main agenda

  • Clerk’s salary review
  • Summer newsletter













Next Meetings

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th June followed by the normal meeting on 18th July 2007 at 7.30pm in The Loft of the Village Hall.





There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 10.35pm








Signed _____________________________________________Date 18th July 2007
















Presented to meeting on 16th May 2007







Current Account







Payments/(Receipts)  since last meeting :








NPFA subs




NRCC subs




Wickstead Leisure Ltd - rubber mats




Barclays  storage charge




J Ellis playground fitting equipment




tr bpa to c/a




tr bpa to c/a




I Nelson Salary/home allowance








SNC Dog bin emptying




tr bpa-c/a








tr c/a - bpa











Closing Balance







Business Premium Account







Payments/(Receipts) since previous meeting :




PUA contribution to grass cutting




tr bpa to c/a




tr bpa to c/a




Interest NSIB




tr bpa-c/a




tr c/a - bpa




Interest NSIB











Closing Balance