Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 18th July 2007 at 7.30pm in The Loft of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton (from Planning Applications), Vice Chairman David Hook, Liz Allen, Debbie Ashford, Kevin Cunningham, Richard Delf, Peter Workman and Clerk - Ian Nelson. 



Members of the public present                                                                                                         

PC Nigel Raynes



Mr Hook took the chair.




Apologies were received from David Pointer, Hamish Rose, and District Councillor Michael Windridge. Mr Moulton had apologised as he anticipated being late.



Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 13th June 2007 were approved and signed.



Public Participation

PC Raynes explained that he was leading the Safe Neighbourhood Team for the Hempnall area. The team will consist of him plus 2 police community support officers. They can be contacted on Telephone 0845 456 4567 or by email on snlongstratton@norfolk.pnn.police.uk. The team will carry Blackberries to enable a quick response to email contact. PC Raynes encouraged all suspicions and incidents to be reported, however small.


PC Raynes left the meeting.



Planning Applications


New applications since the last meeting are:

Mr Q Brown, Oak Tree Farm, Alburgh Rd, Hempnall - Enclosure of carport to form accommodation – Recommended approval.


Mr N Day, Lower Croft, Broaden Lane, Hempnall - Develop existing outbuildings into annex (granny flat) – Recommended approval.


Mrs A C Bloomfield, Brambles, Mill Rd, Hempnall - Erection of extension to dwelling to provide accommodation for relative – Recommended approval.


Mrs J Tyrell, 51 Alburgh Rd, Hempnall - Extension & alterations to rear of dwelling including temporary standing of caravan – Recommended approval.


Applications approved since the last meeting are:

Mr R D Penn, Lyncroft, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Proposed new access #2


Permitted Development notification:

It was noted that Hempnall School propose to place an additional mobile classroom within the school grounds in the near future.




























Matters arising from previous parish council meeting



Acceptance of Appointment forms




Condition of road surfaces

The clerk had written again to express our concern over the condition of the haunching in Field Lane, with a view to accelerating the repair. Highways had carried out another inspection and they did not feel that there were any defects that require attention at this juncture.  Patching work had already been carried out at Field Lane (October 2006), and they felt that this would keep the carriageway in a safe condition until funding became available to complete the haunching scheme. For general information, they had identified a small amount of patching work, at the edge of the carriageway, between the entrance to "Malinga" and the Lawnmower Centre.  This work was in response to a customer complaint, and should be completed in the next four to six weeks.



Play area equipment additions

The clerk had written to Mr Ellis to thank him and his team.





PUA and PC Insurance

The clerk had notified the insurance company to ensure cover is put in place, for which there was no extra cost. In addition the clerk had responded to Mr Youngman.






Insurance renewal

The clerk had renewed the insurance at a cost of £763.68 with the existing provider.





Internal Audit

The clerk had paid and thanked Mr. Bailey.





Approval of Annual Accounts to 31/03/07

They had been signed by the Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer and Mr Moulton as Chairman.




Hempnall Football Club

The clerk had written to the football club to express the council’s congratulations on their promotion.



Play Area maintenance

The clerk had written to Mr Ellis to thank him and accept his offer to look after the play area and advised that the top bar of the swing should be painted.



New Code of Conduct

The clerk had :


(a) ensured a copy of the code was available at his house and published on the website.


(b) written to  SNC who had publish in one or more newspapers circulating in their area a notice.


(c) sent a copy of the code to the Standards Board for England.









The clerk had issued.



Unitary Status for Norwich

The clerk had written to the various authorities.




LDF Gypsy & Traveler LD Document

The clerk had responded.



Norfolk Minerals and Waste Framework

Mr. Hook had responded.



Village Hall Car Park Repairs

Mr Rose had contacted the new contractors and confirmed that they would undertake the work for £1021.00 plus VAT, which is 14% higher than previously agreed. It was noted that the price of asphalt had increased and it was agreed to accept the new price. The Parish Council would share the cost 50% with the Village Hall. Mr Ellis had already indicated that the Village Hall committee where happy to proceed. The Clerk to progress.









Mr Cunningham had reviewed the old churchyard for moles.





Parish Councillor training sessions

Mrs Ashford had attended.



Trusteeship/Sale of  Parish Land - Hugmore

We await SNC re the possibility of recording the two plots of land with the Land Registry. They had indicated when chased that this was in hand.






Streetlight Maintenance Contract

The clerk had taken out the contract with MHB Services Ltd



Fly Tipping

The clerk had reported to SNC.



Posts opposite doctor’s surgery

The clerk had responded to Mr. Smith.



Churchyard maintenance

Mrs Allen had liaised with Mrs Turner and agreed on the work to be undertaken. The clerk to arrange for Mr Ian Cundy to liaise with Mr Smith with a view to him visiting the churchyard to be instructed by Mr Cundy.







Mr Ellis will be put it in between the swing and the climbing frame.





Ex Recycling Centre

The clerk had liaised with SNC to obtain the best benefit to the parish. Due to the change in the council leadership this matter is still outstanding. The clerk to continue to chase.





Churchyard Risk Assessment

We await Purfits.




Mr Moulton took the chair.



Refurbishment of Play Unit

Mr Medlar/Mr Ellis to d/w as required



War Memorial Stones

Te clerk had contacted Highways for further alternatives. They had suggested that a limited number of wooden posts could be erected to protect the verge from future damage. As this is obviously an important area within the village, they will send a sketch plan of their proposal for our consideration in due course.






War Memorial

The Clerk had continued to chase the grant and submitted extra supporting documents. The clerk to continue to chase. It was noted that the lettering work was in progress and looked very good.








Progress report: - the following points were carried forward in the absence of Mr Rose:


  • One sign post has been erected. Chase extra signage for the three paths off Lower Lane– Mr Rose to progress.
  • Request attention to the Fairstead Lane footpath area that is normally boggy– Mr Rose to progress.










Swing painting

Mr. Ellis has in hand.




See-saw installation

Mr. Ellis has in hand.



Playing Field Hedge / Field Boundary

The clerk and Mrs Allen are to progress.




Member’s Interests

The clerk had received and submitted registers of interest on behalf of all councillors except for Mr Cunningham who agreed to attend to this forthwith.





Ex Councillor recognition

Various designs of seat/tables where reviewed. It was unanimously agreed that the clerk should seek a recycled metal/plastic version, to cost no more than £500. It was also agreed that the item should have paving slabs underneath.






Hempnall Football Club

Mr Delf explained that there had not been a meeting to discuss Hempnall Football Club plans.







Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 18th July 2007 were:

Norfolk Link June 2007

NCC new farming and public rights of way booklet

NCAPTC “Here to help your council booklet”                

Your Norfolk magazine June 2007

CPRE Fieldwork  magazine June 2007

The Playing Field magazine spring 2007

Local Councils Update issue 92

CPRE Voice magazine

Clerks & Councils Direct July issue

YCM June issue

South Norfolk Youth Guide

Housing Market assessment July 2007


No further matters were raised form the above.





Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last meeting were:

NCAPTC Area meeting notice – all on email.

Cracking the code conference" - the new ethical regime for parish councillors – all on email.

NCAPTC re Norwich Unitary Status NCC position – all on email.

NCAPTC re Norwich Unitary Status SNC BDC position – all on email.

SNC refurbishment of Knudson Close Play Area – all.

Inspire East e-newsletter - June 2007 – all on email.

Invite to planning training – all

South Norfolk Design Awards 2007 – all on email.

Friends of the community police – all on email.

May crime statistics – all on email.

SNC Scrutiny Committee the new Community Reference– all on email.


No further matters were raised form the above.



Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:


Open University poster

May HPC Newsletter

SNC Home Insulation Scheme

Agenda for 18th July 2007 meeting.


No further matters were raised form the above. 



To date there have been 4877 hits on the site.


Added Parish Council draft minutes of  16th May 2007

Added Parish Council draft minutes of  13th June 2007

Parish Council minutes of 21st March were made Undraft

Parish Council minutes of 16th May were made Undraft

Agenda for 13th June 2007 meeting.

Agenda for 18th July 2007 meeting.

Updated Officers details.

Updated Councillor’s list


No further matters were raised form the above.





Disclosed at Meeting

Correspondence read out by the Clerk at the meeting not covered elsewhere was as follows:



Knudson Close Play Area

The official opening of the refurbished play area will take place on 25th July.



Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The Clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 17th May 2007 to 18th July 2007. The statement was in line with budget, Mrs Allen proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.







Clerk’s Salary Review

The Clerks salary is based upon the nationally agreed rates, however, these are still being negotiated. With the agreement of the clerk, Mr Delf proposed and Mrs Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the Clerks salary would be reviewed when the rates were available and back dated to 01/07/07.







Playing field Users Association Report

Mr Delf reported that there had not been a meeting since the last parish council meeting.




Play Area Report

All matters reported by Mr Delf are recorded elsewhere in the minutes.




Watercourse obstruction

Mrs Allen had spoken to the landowner and the obstruction will be removed.



No smoking in public places

The clerk reported that it was a requirement to display a no smoking sign in the bus shelter on The Street. He had erected two such signs and asked to be contacted if it was noticed that it had been removed, otherwise a £2,000 fine may result. The clerk reported that one of the signs had already been removed. Mr Moulton volunteered to supply a laminate sign for the clerk to fix to the wall.








Police Cycle Kit

Contributions had been requested toward the cost of outfitting the police with cycle equipment. It was noted that there had already been a 6p addition to council tax to help cover this so, Mrs Ashford proposed and Mr Hook seconded and it was unanimously agreed not to contribute further.



Parish Member of the Standards Committee(Smaller Parishes)

Mr Workman proposed and Mr Delf seconded and it was agreed to vote for Mrs Philippa Grant of Shotesham Parish Council.





Summer Newsletter

Items to be included are :

  • Safe Neighbourhood Team
  • War Memorial
  • No smoking in Bus Shelter



Wind farm fact finding

Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford declared and interest and Mrs Allen declared a pecuniary interest and all parties stayed in the meeting.


Mr Hook stated that both Enertrag and SHOWT would place their own emphasise on the facts. He felt that the parish council should seek to obtain its own independent neutral information in respect of the above, in particular, produce information as to where the Blimp could be seen in and around the village, facts re lighting requirements etc.


Mr Moulton stated that he would like the parish council to measure the rope of the Blimp to verify it was 130m. He would also inform the parish council of the date of the consultation with Enertrag re the photo montage so that the parish council could attend.


Mrs Allen presented the meeting with a letter to the clerk dated 13/05/07 which had not been responded to. This requested feedback from the parish council on the vantage points for the photo montage to be produced by Enertrag. The clerk confirmed that he had not received the letter nor any chasing letters, emails or phone calls. It was agreed that the clerk should now respond acknowledging receipt of the letter passed on by Mrs Allen and request attendance at the site meeting to agree the vantage points for the photo montage.


Mr Hook proposed, Mr Cunningham seconded and it was agreed by all who could vote that the independent facts should be produced, in particular the map of where the Blimp could be seen from.  

























Items for next agenda

No additional matters arose.



Next Meetings

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th September at 7.30pm in The Loft of the Village Hall.





There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.24pm








Signed _____________________________________________Date 19th September 2007















































Presented to meeting on 18th July 2007







Current Account







Payments/(Receipts)  since last meeting :








Ian Smith grass cutting




Ian Nelson postage




UK2.net email diversion 2 years




tr bpa-c/a




C Bailey - Internal Audit




Zurich - Insurance




UK2.net web hosting renewal 2 years




Ian Smith grass cutting




Larking Gowen - Newsletter copying




NCS Ltd grass cutting




NCAPTC Quality status fee




bank charges




tr bpa-c/a




tr bpa-c/a




Ian Nelson Salary




Eon streetlight electricity




Information commissioner - DPA renewal














Closing Balance







Business Premium Account







Payments/(Receipts) since previous meeting :




tr bpa-c/a




interest BPA




Interest NSIB




tr bpa-c/a




tr bpa-c/a




car park fee




Interest NSIB











Closing Balance