Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 19th September 2007 at 7.30pm in The Loft of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton, Vice Chairman David Hook, Liz Allen, Debbie Ashford,  and Clerk - Ian Nelson. 



Members of the public present                                                                                                         

Attending up to and including “Recognition of service to our village” - Chief Executive of SNC Geoff Rivers, Junior Vice Chairman of NCAPTC Jack Sadler, Quality Parish Council Development Officer of NCAPTC Mike Grayley.


Attending up to and including “Blimp flight” -  County Councillor Mrs Stella Rice.


Attending up to and including “Hempnall Stores Opening Times etc“ - District Councillor Michael Windridge, Mrs Hilary Battye.




Apologies were received from Richard Delf, David Pointer, Hamish Rose and Peter Workman.



Quality Status Charter Mark Awarded

Mr Sadler congratulated the council and in particular the clerk for being awarded the Quality Status Charter Mark. Hempnall is 1 of only 2 councils in the South Norfolk area to achieve this. There are 12 Quality Councils in Norfolk out of a total of 512 and only 529 Quality Councils nationally out of over 8,500.


Mr Rivers added his congratulations and commented on how impressed he was with the sense of community when looking at the parish council website and on his visit to the village this evening.


Mr Grayley said that the Quality Status Mark was an important recognition of the fact that the parish council was doing a good job of representing the community and it would add credibility in future when dealing with other tiers of government and other external  organisations.


Mr Windridge added his congratulations.


The clerk thanked the councillors for creating the atmosphere to allow the principles of Quality Status to be achieved.


Mr Rivers presented the council and the clerk with a framed certificate.


Mrs Ashford to arrange for a press release.


The clerk to obtain photographs from NCAPTC and provide to Mrs Ashford for the above.



























Recognition of service to our village

Due to the confidential nature of this item details will not appear in the public minutes until an appropriate time. This matter is to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting for more detailed consideration.










Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 18th July 2007 were approved and signed.


The minutes of the meeting on 31st July 2007 were approved and signed.


The minutes of the meeting on 16th May 2007 be amended to record a final paragraph under the heading “Proposed Wind Farm” as follows : “A parish council newsletter be prepared and distributed to inform parishioners how to take part in the consultation process and subject to SNC’s confirmation of the facts, present the facts regarding the issues raised by the public as detailed above under  the public participation”



Public Participation

Mrs Rice presented the council with various literature and added her congratulations on achieving Quality Status. She also mentioned that SN were holding a training event for some District Councillors re Wind Farm issues on 3rd October. She would obtain more details and inform the clerk in case the parish council felt it might be useful for them to enquire about similar training.








Planning Applications


New applications since the last meeting are:

Mr & Mrs C Florence, The Bungalow, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling – Recommended approval.


Applications approved since the last meeting are:

Hempnall School, single storey extension to provide 4 new classrooms, main entrance, office, hall, store and toilets. Creation of new vehicular access onto The Street, new staff car park and provision of landscape area.


Mr Q Brown, Oak Tree Farm, Alburgh Rd, Hempnall - Enclosure of carport to form accommodation.


Mrs A C Bloomfield, Brambles, Mill Rd, Hempnall - Erection of extension to dwelling to provide accommodation for relative.


Mrs J Tyrell, 51 Alburgh Rd, Hempnall - Extension & alterations to rear of dwelling including temporary standing of caravan.


Applications refused since the last meeting are:

Mrs Allen declared and interest.

T-Mobile (UK) Ltd, Manor Farm, The Street, Hempnall - Installation of a new 12m high replica telegraph pole and associated equipment cabinets


Mr N Day, Lower Croft, Broaden Lane, Hempnall - Develop existing outbuildings into annex (granny flat).


Permitted development notified since last meeting:

Hempnall School – Mobile toilet Unit.


Compulsory Purchase orders notified since last meeting:

Mrs Allen declared and interest.

Norfolk County Council had informed the Parish Council that it had issued an order to Liz and Robert Allen of The Willows, Bungay Rd, Hempnall re the purchase 8,661m2 of playing field adjoining Hempnall School  and to Premier Homes (Anglia) Ltd, Walcis, Lenwade, Norwich re their interest arising under an option agreement dated 30/03/2005.




Planning Procedures

The clerk had circulated to all councillors a copy of the article in Clerks & Councils Direct entitled “Handling planning applications”.  It was agreed that in future the clerk should email councillors details of planning applications so that they could review them online via the SNC website prior to the holding of a full parish council meeting to consider the application. The clerk was instructed to call the meetings as required in order to ensure the response deadline could be met.


Ms Ashford is to liaise with a member of Long Stratton council to determine how they organise planning meetings.


The clerk is to ensure that parishioners are aware that they can make representations to the parish council at such meetings. Suitable articles/notices are to be placed in the parish and HPC newsletters and on the parish council notice board.
















Matters arising from previous parish council meeting



Village Hall Car Park Repairs

The repairs are to be carried out by Ennstone in September.




Churchyard maintenance

The work is in hand by Mr Smith.




Playing Field Hedge / Field Boundary

The clerk had obtained field references and contacted the Land registry to start the registration process. The clerk to progress.





Member’s Interests

The clerk had received and submitted registers of interest on behalf of Mr Cunningham.





No smoking in public places

Mr Moulton is to supply and fit two laminate signs.





Parish Member of the Standards Committee(Smaller Parishes)

The vote had been cast.




Summer Newsletter

The newsletter had been issued.



Hempnall Football Club

Hempnall Football Club advert boards have been sorted.





Trusteeship/Sale of  Parish Land - Hugmore

We await SNC re the possibility of recording the two plots of land with the Land Registry. They had indicated when chased that this should be done in the next couple of weeks. The clerk to continue to monitor.








Mr Ellis will place this between the swing and the climbing frame.





Ex Recycling Centre

The clerk had liaised with SNC again to obtain the best benefit to the parish but still awaits a satisfactory response. The clerk to continue to chase.





Churchyard Risk Assessment

We await Purfits.




War Memorial Stones

The clerk chased Highways but still awaits their suggested plan of action. The clerk to continue to chase.





War Memorial

The Clerk had continued to chase the grant and submitted extra supporting documents.  All of the people who where dealing with the claim have now left the organisation so the clerk is to submit a final claim to the new temporary staff member in the hope that the matter will progress.









Progress report: - the following points were carried forward in the absence of Mr Rose:


  • One sign post has been erected. Chase extra signage for the three paths off Lower Lane– Mr Rose to progress.
  • Request attention to the Fairstead Lane footpath area that is normally boggy– Mr Rose to progress.










Swing painting

Mr Ellis has in hand.




Ex Councillor recognition

The clerk to continue his search for a recycled metal/plastic version, to cost no more than £500.





For the next two items.

Mrs Allen declared a prejudicial interest and left the room, Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford declared an interest, Mr Hook took the chair.


Blimp Flight

A date/location had not yet been fixed for the Blimp flight agreed at the parish council meeting of the 18th July. The flight is to allow the parish councillors to obtain independent data on the potential visual impact of the wind farm.  The date was set for 14th October 9am to 2pm. The Blimp is to tethered near proposed position 1 and at the Woodton end on Mr Pull’s land  subject to CAA and Mr Pull’s approval.


As the Blimp flight was for the benefit of the parish council a donation to cover the out of pocket expenses of the owners will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


Mr Hook also informed the meeting that he had received an offer for the parish council to produce its own photo montage free of charge using professional software so that even all of the aspects that the parish council wished to be covered could be, and the independence of the evidence ensured.















Public meeting re Wind farm

The clerk read a letter from Mr Nolan to the meeting on the above subject and Mr Windridge endorsed the content of the letter. As there were insufficient voting members present this matter will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


The clerk will inform Mr Nolan.

















Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 19th September 2007 were:

Green buildings in Norfolk open day booklet

CPRE The Review issue 12

NCC Skills and qualifications book

NPFA The Playing Field newsletter summer 2007

Introduction to Inspire East

Your Rubbish Your Choice

Norfolk Link issue 161

Fieldwork Sept 2007

NRCC Annual review 2006/7

NRCC 21st Century Village Local Action – Global impact

NRCC – Supporting Rural Communities

Tree line issue 18

Norfolk NHS – consultation doc

Clerks & Council Direct magazine.


No further matters were raised form the above.



Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last meeting were:


Inspire East Annual Event 2007: 'Places for People' – all on email.

Inspire East e-newsletter - July 2007 – all on email.

SNA – The sustainable community strategy for South Norfolk booklet.

Draft Charter for 3 Tier Partnership Working in South Norfolk.

The Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places Notice – all on email

South Norfolk Council Housing Forum notice – all on email

Greater Norwich Housing Strategy – all on email

Parish Crime Statistics for the month of June 2007 – all on email

Inspire East e-newsletter - August 2007 – all on email

Consultation - Licensing Act 2003: Removing DPS requirement for Village Halls and Similar Community Buildings – all on email

Parish Crime Statistics for the month of July 2007 – all on email

Geoff Rivers Chief Executive South Norfolk Council congratulations re Quality status – all on email

Handling Planning applications. – all.

National Post Office Closure Programme – all on email.

Neighbourhood Forums – all on email.



No further matters were raised form the above except that Neighbourhood Forums should be placed on the next agenda.

























Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:

Agenda for 31st July 2007 meeting.

Newsletter Summer 2007.

Agenda for 19th September 2007 meeting.

Audit Notice.

Children’s Outdoor Theatre advert

Police Gala Day Poster

Green Buildings in Norfolk Open Days Poster

St John Family First Aid Courses Poster

NRCC 21st Century Village poster

First Response Course Details

Bussey’s Loke closure notice.


No further matters were raised form the above. 














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Added Parish Council draft minutes of  18th July 2007

Parish Council minutes of 13th June 2007were made Undraft

Agenda for 19th September 2007 meeting.

Added Quality Parish Council Logo to various pages.

Added Summer 2007 Newsletter.

Details of 31st July 2007 meeting.

Updated D Ashford’s details.


No further matters were raised form the above.





Disclosed at Meeting

Correspondence read out by the Clerk at the meeting not covered elsewhere was as follows:



Norwich & District CAB

The above wrote seeking a donation towards their running costs. As this is a facility used by parishioners, Mrs Ashford proposed, Mr Hook seconded and it was unanimously agreed to donate £25.00






The Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

The clerk had circulated the above to councillors on 26th July. It was agreed that the existing arrangements worked well and the clerk was instructed to respond accordingly.





Draft Charter for 3 Tier Partnership Working in South Norfolk

The clerk had circulated the above to councillors on 31st July. It was agreed that due to the importance of this matter to re agenda for the next meeting where hopefully more councillors would be present.






Review of Licensing Act 2003, Statement of Licensing policy

The clerk had circulated the above to councillors on 31st July. It was agreed that due to the importance of this matter to re agenda for the next meeting where hopefully more councillors would be present.






Change of ownership of Hempnall Stores

The clerk and Mr Windridge had written to suggest that as McColls would shortly be purchasing Hempnall Stores, the parish council may like to consider writing a letter of gratitude to Larry, Elizabeth and Isobel for their excellent service to the village over the years of running Hempnall Stores. It was agree unanimously to do this.







Speed Awareness Message (SAM)

Mr and Mrs Blyth had emailed to enquire of the result of the annual review of speeding as agreed in the minutes of 17/05/06. The clerk had responded that the results were still awaited as there was a very long waiting list for the use of SAM. The clerk to monitor.






Hempnall Stores Opening Times etc

Mrs Battye and Mr Lincoln had written to express concern over the proposed extended opening times of Hempnall stores under the new owners. They had stated times of 6am to 10pm, 7 days per week. In addition the application is in the process of being made for an external ATM which would be open 24/7. It was noted that the ATM would be subject to the usual planning application rules and thus would be commented on at that time to avoid falling foul of the pre-determination rules.  With regard to the opening hours, the clerk informed the meeting that as the shop had been in existence prior to the commencement of the planning controls, the shop could be opened at any time. If however McColls wish to extend the hours in which alcohol is sold they would need to vary the licence, in which case the neighbours could put forward their views to the Licensing Committee (Mr Windridge is a member of this) and the Parish Council could do the same on behalf of a neighbour of the shop although it is not a consultee in its own right. The criteria considered by the Licensing Committee are as follows:

  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • Protection of children from harm.


The clerk had also established that although a change of owner application but as yet no application to vary the hours.


Although he had empathy for the neighbours of the shop and would support their cause, Mr Windridge felt that the fact that an establish chain where prepared to run the village shop should be seen as a positive thing as it would help ensure that this valuable facility would remain in the village.


The clerk to respond to Mrs Battye and Mr Lincoln with the above information.


It was agreed that due to the importance of this matter to re agenda for the next meeting where hopefully more councillors would be present and to enable the views of other parishioners to be sought.


It was also agreed that the clerk should invite a representative of McColls to attend the next parish council meeting.





































Bussey’s Loke Culvert 29400

NCC have advised that, as requested by the parish council, the brick culvert will be repaired this year but this will result in the closure of the road for 12 days from Monday 19th November. The Clerk had displayed a notice to this effect on the parish council notice board.







Hug a tree

Mr Hook asked to be informed if people knew of any trees with substantial girth to be notified to him for inclusion in the Norfolk Wildlife Trust survey.





SN annual tree and hedge planting

Mr Hook asked councillors to inform him of any areas that would benefit from the offer of free trees and hedging from SNC.





Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The Clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 19th July 2007 to 19th September 2007. The statement was in line with budget, Mr Hook proposed, Mrs Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.



Clerk’s Salary Review

Carried forward as the national rates were not yet available.





Playing field Users Association Report

Mr Delf was not present to report.




Play Area Report

Mr Delf was not present to report.




Items for next agenda

In addition to those mentioned above:

Maintenance of the playing field hedge.





Next Meetings

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 26th September at 7.30pm in The Nelson Room of the Village Hall. The clerk to book the extra meeting with the village hall bookings officer.






There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.55pm








Signed _____________________________________________Date 26th September 2007










Presented to meeting on 19th September 2007






Current Account







Payments/(Receipts)  since last meeting :












Ian Smith grass cutting




Ian Smith grass cutting




NCAPTC - Hook meal re AGM















Closing Balance











Business Premium Account







Payments/(Receipts) since previous meeting :








Interest NSIB




interest BPA




Interest NSIB















Closing Balance