Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 21st November 2007 at 7.30pm in The Loft of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton, Vice Chairman David Hook, Liz Allen, Debbie Ashford, Richard Delf, Peter Workman and Clerk - Ian Nelson. 



Members of the public present                                                                                                         





Apologies were received from Hamish Rose, County Councillor Stella Rice, and District Councillor Michael Windridge.



Minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of the meeting on 10th October 2007 were approved and signed.


The minutes of the meeting on 2nd November 2007 were approved and signed.



Public Participation





Planning Applications


New application since the last meeting:

Roadtech Europe Ltd, Barondale Lane, Hempnall - Replacement portakabin offices by extending the existing building – Recommended approval subject to ELZ and comment that on previous applications we have stipulated that the lights should be turned off at night after work hours and this has not been complied with. Recommend making it an enforceable condition.


Applications refused since the last meeting are:

Mr & Mrs C Florence, The Bungalow, Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling.


Bankmachine Ltd, Hempnall Stores, The Street, Hempnall - Installation of an automated teller machine.


Complete Technical Services Ltd, Hempnall Stores, The Street, Hempnall - Installation of an automated teller machine and illuminated sign.


Bankmachine Ltd, Hempnall Stores, The Street, Hempnall - Installation of an illuminated sign.


Application withdrawn since the last meeting:

Martin McColl Ltd Hempnall Stores, The Street, Hempnall - Demolition of timber framed, metal clad outbuilding and alterations to internal layout


Compulsory Purchase order progress since last meeting:

Land around Hempnall School - Mrs. Allen disclosed a pecuniary interest in this matter but stayed in the meeting as the item was merely a point of information.


The clerk informed the meeting that a letter had been received from the Governors of Hempnall School updating the parish council on the progress of this matter and indicating that 2 objections had been received to the order.










Matters arising from previous parish council meetings



Quality Status Charter Mark Awarded

The clerk had obtained photographs from NCAPTC and provided them to Mrs Ashford. Mrs Ashford had submitted a press release, which was published in the Diss Mercury.





Recognition of service to our village

Mr Moulton thanked everybody involved in the organisation of the event to honour Mr Ladbrooke.


Mrs Ashford had submitted a press release to the Diss Mercury and would obtain a electronic version of the picture from Mr Potts.


The clerk read thank you letters from Mr Davy and Mr & Mrs Margand. The clerk to respond to Mr Davy thanking him for his help in organising the event.


Mr Hook read a letter from Rev Conal Mahony commenting on the invitation process, the clerk to respond.


Mr Moulton to contact the chair of the Mill Centre re the erection of the plaque.


The clerk to liaise with Mrs Kaye as required re the donation from the Poor Charity.


















Wind farm training

Mrs Rice had obtained more details and informed the clerk that the training simply consisted of a visit to a wind farm site and was not open to parish councillors.



No smoking in public places

Mr Moulton is to fit a laminate sign in the bus shelter as soon as possible.




Norwich & District CAB

The clerk had paid the donation.




The Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

The clerk had responded.



Change of ownership of Hempnall Stores

The clerk had written a letter of gratitude to Larry, Elizabeth and Isobel Rippingale.



Post Office Closures

The clerk had responded to SNC.



Review of Licensing Act 2003, Statement of Licensing policy

The clerk had responded.



Planning Procedures

The clerk had called a planning meeting in order to ensure the response deadline could be met;  placed a suitable notice on the parish council notice board and submitted the like to the parish magazine.



War Memorial Protection

Highways had erected the posts.




Playing Field Hedge / Field Boundary

The clerk had obtained the deeds to the field and submitted the forms to the Land Registry. We await registration, the clerk to progress.







Speed Awareness Message (SAM)

We await the check to be carried out. The clerk to monitor.




Hugmore Registration

We await SNC re the possibility of recording the two plots of land with the Land Registry. SNC had apologised for the delay caused through pressure of work and have again indicated when chased that this should be done in the next couple of weeks. The clerk to continue to monitor.








Ex Recycling Centre

The clerk had liaised with SNC yet again to obtain the best benefit to the parish. Adaptor groups in general will receive an annual ground rent (however it is not certain if HPC is such a group) and there are also still political issues to be resolved at SNC before they can give a final answer. They apologised for the delay. The clerk to continue to chase.







Churchyard Risk Assessment

We await Purfitts.




War Memorial Grant

The Clerk had submitted the final report and awaits the outcome.






Progress report: - the following points were carried forward in the absence of Mr Rose:


  • One sign post has been erected. Chase extra signage for the three paths off Lower Lane– Mr Rose to progress.
  • Request attention to the Fairstead Lane footpath area that is normally boggy– Mr Rose to progress.


Mr. Hook expressed concern over the gate to be erected at the end of Nobb’s Lane as this is a public right of way. Mrs. Allen said that she believed the gate was being erected with the permission of NCC to prevent fly tipping and theft and that a side pedestrian gate will be installed to allow access.


The clerk is to contact NCC to establish the status of Nobb’s Lane.
















Swing /Main Unit painting

Mr. Delf will liaise with Mr. Ellis, Mr. Medlar and Mrs. Allen to progress this project.




Ex Councillor recognition

The clerk had circulated various table/bench options. Mrs Ashford proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed to purchase a picnic bench/diner made from recycled plastic by Marmax Products Ltd at a cost of £499, together with a brass plaque, the words on which are to reflect those on the existing playing field bench plaque.



















Mrs Allen declared a prejudicial interest in the next five items and left the room.


Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford declared a prejudicial interest in the next item and left the room.  Mr Hook took the chair.


Wind Farm

Blimp expenses

Mr Hook proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that as the blimp had been flown at the request of and for the benefit of the parish council, a £100 donation towards the cost of the flight would be made. The clerk to pay.


Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford returned to the meeting and declared an interest in the next four items.


Visual intrusion map

Mr Hook explained that data had been gathered during the blimp flight by himself, Mr Delf, Mr Workman and Mr Rose. A map will be produced showing where the blimp could be seen from the perspective of all the public areas in the village.


Photo montages

Mr Hook displayed the draft photo montages prepared by Mr Mike Jones, based on the proposed positions of the wind turbines.  Mr Workman proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed to ask Mr Jones to refine the montages so that the turbines displayed the correct blade types.


Debrief re public meeting

The meeting took place on 2nd November, however disappointment was expressed that Enertrag did not attend.


Background noise levels

It was noted that both Enertrag and SHOWT had appointed independent acoustic engineers to measure background noise levels. It was agreed that if the two sets of data were significantly different the parish council would consider appointing its own acoustic engineer, sharing the cost with other parishes. Mr Delf to determine the likely cost and availability of an engineer.





































Mrs Allen returned to the meeting and Mr Moulton took the chair.


Neighbourhood forums

Mr Hook reported that the person whom the Council had suggested be nominated had declined to stand and therefore no nomination had been made. 



SNC annual free tree and hedge planting

Mr Hook had made enquiries about Talbot Park and reported that the Football Club did not require any trees or hedging.



Maintenance of the playing field hedge

Mr Hook had contacted M J Contract Services and a quote is to follow to strim around the base of the hedging and replace any plants/guards as necessary this winter together with spraying in spring.






Village Hall Car Park Repairs

The clerk chased Ennstone again and they will now contact Mr Ellis direct with a view to starting the work shortly.










Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 21st November 2007 were:


Clerks & Councils Direct Sept 2007

DEFRA – Ways to tackle climate change

Town & Parish Standard Sept 07

SNC LDF Newsletter

NCC Environment Operations Newsletter

Norfolk Link

SNC Corporate Plan

The playing field magazine

CPRE Open Days Newsletter

Clerks & Councils Direct Nov 2007

Voice magazine autumn 2007

Go-East East of England Plan consultation changes


No further matters were raised form the above.




Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last meeting were:


Norfolk Matters Magazine Sept 2007

24:7 Norfolk’s Local Policing Summary

Making Heritage Sustainable invitation – all on email

Parish Crime Statistics - August 2007 – all on email

Budget for 2008/9

Letter from SNC re reorganisation of local authorities – all on email

Public meeting items

Invitation from NCAPTC re Area meetings – Planning – all on email

South Norfolk Council Local Plan - Some discontinued policies – all on email

Community Development network for the East of England invitation – all on email

South Norfolk Council's draft Local Housing Delivery Plan for 2008 – 2011 – all on email

Greater Norwich Development Partnership Invitation – all on email.

The Big Lottery Breathing Places Phase 3 Launch Programme details – all on email.

Letter from Conal Mahony – David Hook

Parish Crime Statistics for September 2007 – all on email


No further matters were raised form the above.






Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:

Agenda for 10th October 2007 meeting.

Agenda for 2nd November 2007 meeting.

Agenda for 21st November 2007 meeting.

Planning application invitation to parishioners.

Fireworks be safe not sorry poster


No further matters were raised form the above. 








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Added Parish Council minutes of 31st July 2007

Added Parish Council minutes of 19th September 2007

Agenda for 26th September 2007 meeting.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of  26th September 2007

Agenda for 10th October 2007 meeting.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of  10th October 2007

Added Parish Council minutes of  26th September 2007

Agenda for 2nd November 2007 meeting.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of  2nd November 2007

Agenda for 21st November 2007 meeting.


No further matters were raised from the above.












Disclosed at Meeting

Correspondence read out by the clerk at the meeting not covered elsewhere was as follows:



Village Hall Rep/AGM

The Village Hall AGM will take place in the Nelson room on Wednesday the 28th November 2007 commencing at 7:30 p.m. The clerk had informed the secretary of the Village Hall committee that Mrs Allen was now the parish council’s representative.




Richard Bacon MP

The South Norfolk MP had written a letter to the Council as follows:

“I was delighted to read that Hempnall Parish Council has been accredited with Quality Parish Council status by demonstrating that it has people, skills and commitment to listen to the community and cater for its particular needs.


I would like to take this opportunity to send my warmest congratulations to the members of Hempnall Parish Council for this outstanding achievement.”



Mrs D Sowerby – Fireworks and thatch roof

The clerk informed the meeting that he had received a copy letter of complaint to the Friends of Hempnall School re the fireworks held at Talbot Park and the danger to Mrs Sowerby’s thatch roof.



Norfolk Accident Rescue Service

Following receipt of a request to the parish council, Mr Workman proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed to make a donation of £20 to support this organisation as it may be called upon at any time by parishioners.






Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 20h September 2007 to 21st November 2007. The statement was in line with the annual budget, except for the amount in relation to Mr Ladbrooke’s reception which had been separately budgeted at the meeting held on 26th September.  Mrs Allen proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.



Clerk’s Salary Review

The clerk’s salary is based upon  nationally agreed rates. A schedule showing how this was calculated was provided by the clerk.  Account was also taken of the new quality status of the council and the increase in the number of meetings being held on a regular basis. Mr Delf proposed and Mr Hook seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the clerk’s hours be increased from 5 to 6.25 per week in order to deal with the extra workload and his salary the increased by 3% to reflect the increase in the cost of living, both to take effect from. 1st July 2007, his annual salary review date. The clerk was thanked for his services over the last year.














Village cleaning

Mr Delf proposed, Mrs Allen seconded and it was agreed unanimously that Mr Cracknell be offered £500 in recognition of his contribution to the cleanliness of the village over the last year, and in addition recognising the extra burden endured by Mr Cracknell in dealing with the more unsavoury items placed in the bins. The Clerk to write a letter of thanks to him accordingly.








Budget/Precept 2008/9

The Clerk presented the budget for 2008/9 as previously circulated to Councillors. The budget was updated to reflect the increase in the clerk’s salary and the donation made to Mr Cracknell.  Mr Delf proposed and Mrs Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the precept be set at £10,230. The Clerk to inform SNC of the required precept.


The clerk to highlight the reduction in the precept from that charged in 2007/8 in the next newsletter.











Playing field Users Association Report

Mr Delf reported that the youth shelter area was particularly untidy. It was agreed that the clerk should write to Mr Lincoln to ask him to remind the youth that one of the conditions of them erecting the youth shelter was to keep it clean and litter free. He will be asked to “put out the word” to the youth to use the bins for their litter.


Mr Delf reported that the “No golf” sign was missing, however, he would contact Mr Ellis to try and determine its whereabouts and arrange its erection.


Mr Delf produced a photograph by way of example of the poor quality of the grass cutting being undertaken by Norfolk County Services Ltd. The clerk to write to Norfolk County Services Ltd to ensure the position is rectified for next season.














Play Area Report

Mr Delf reported that Mr Ellis had painted the barriers by the tennis court and the bin in the play area.  Mr Ellis had also cut the wood ready to replace the surface on the climbing frame and reported that the seesaw was ready to fit.  Mr Medlar is to be approached re  painting the climbing frame and swing bar. Mr Delf to continue to liaise with Mr Ellis.







Date for next years main meetings

It was agreed that they should be:

  • 16th January 2008
  • 19th March 2008
  • 21st May 2008
  • 16th July 2008
  • 17th September 2008
  • 19th November 2008


The clerk to book the Nelson room of the village hall.












Facilities for young people

Various suggestions were made of suitable projects. It was agreed to invite the PUA to the next parish council planning meeting to discuss the concept. The clerk to arrange.





Bussey’s Loke Parking

Mrs Allen outlined the inconsiderate and unsafe parking problem in and around the mouth of the junction of Bussey’s Loke and The Street. The clerk was requested to write to the police to give them details of the problem and asked them to take action against the offending drivers.








Appointment of Poor Charity Representative

Mr Roy Ladbroke had written to the Council tendering his resignation as a trustee of the Poor Charity. It was noted that he had served as a trustee for 50 years.  The clerk had written to Mr Ladbroke thanking him for his services as a trustee and wishing him a well earned rest.


The clerk was asked to write to the chair of the charity to obtain a job specification to assist parish councillors in their approach to potential candidates to fill the vacancy.  In the meantime councillors are to consider suitable candidates. Clerk to e-mail the job specification to councillors as soon as received.












Draft Charter for 3 Tier Partnership Working in South Norfolk

The clerk had circulated the above to councillors on 31st July. It was agreed that the clerk should circulate this material again. It was also noted that any discussion may now be somewhat academic given the reorganisation of local authorities in the area.





Reorganisation of Local Authorities

The clerk outlined the forthcoming programme and was asked to write to NCC and SNC to determine their views on the matter.





Greater Norwich Development Area

The clerk outlined the history behind the greater Norwich Development Area and displayed a map of the proposed development areas, none of which directly affect Hempnall, although the village could be affected indirectly. The clerk to provide a copy of the map to councillors. Consideration to be given to provide a response to the consultation by the deadline of 8th February 2008.








Items for next agenda

No further items were added.




Next Meetings

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th January 2008 at 7.30pm in The Nelson Room of the Village Hall.





There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 10.52pm







Signed _____________________________________________Date 16th January 2008


























Presented to meeting on 21st November 2007






Current Account







(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :








CPRE membership fee




Ian Smith grass cutting inv 534








tr c/a - bpa




Norwich & District CAB




MHB Services Streetlight Maintenance




tr bpa-c/a




Ian Nelson Salary




bank charges




tr bpa-c/a




NCS Ltd grass cutting




Land Registry




Delf's garage - paint for bus shelter




Eon - Streetlight electricity




MHB Services Streetlight Maintenance




Hempnall Group of Parishes




MHB Services Streetlight Maintenance




tr bpa-c/a




Ian Smith Services grass cutting




Admiral Signs - Roy Ladbrooke Plaque







Closing Balance











Business Premium Account







(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :








tr c/a - bpa




tr bpa-c/a




Interest NSIB




tr bpa-c/a




tr bpa-c/a




Interest NSIB











Closing Balance