Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 19th March 2008 at 8.00pm in The Nelson Suite of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton, Vice Chairman David Hook, Liz Allen, Debbie Ashford, Kevin Cunningham, Richard Delf, Hamish Rose, David Pointer, Peter Workman, and Clerk - Ian Nelson. 



Members of the public present                                                                                                         

Up to end of Wind farm: Mrs Pauline Brookes, Mrs Hilary Battye, Mrs Julie Parker, Mr Patrick Stone, Mrs Mary Hawker, Mr Keith Hawker, Mr Nigel Moore, Mr Nigel Stringer, District Councillor Michael Windridge,


Up to end of Correspondence: Miss Marjorie Emery, Mr John Ellis.




Apologies were received from County Councillor Stella Rice.



Minutes of the previous meetings

The minutes of the meeting on 16th January 2008 were approved and signed.

The minutes of the sub-committee meeting on 22nd January 2008 were approved and signed.



Public Participation

Mrs Battye commented that the proposed metal shutters outlined in the planning application for Hempnall stores would be visible both when in the open and closed positions. She also pointed out that the application seemed to exaggerate the level of break-ins by stating that the shop was constantly broken in to, when in fact there had only been two occasions in the last 6 months. She also felt that metal shutters did not project the desired image for a village environment. These views were supported by Mrs Parker.





Planning Applications


New application since the last meeting:

Martin McColl Ltd, Hempnall Stores, The Street, Hempnall - Installation of folding security gate to enclose shop front lobby – Recommended refusal as the design was inconsistent with policy IMP13. The applicant should consider security measures that are in sympathy with the listed frontage and the conservation area. It was stressed that whatever security measures are adopted they must not include dusk to dawn external lighting in compliance with the parish councils ELZ policy. It was considered that external metal grilles were totally out of keeping and by themselves unlikely to be effective as a security measure.


Martin McColl Ltd, Hempnall Stores, The Street, Hempnall - Installation of folding security gate to enclose shop front lobby #2 – Recommended refusal, see above.


Simon & Katy Shields, Three Feathers Cottage, Lundy Green, Hempnall - Removal of cement render and re-render with lime. Removal of hard standing and replace with gravel. – Recommended approval.


Mr & Mrs Frost, 28 Old Market Way, Hempnall - Conservatory to rear of property – Recommended approval.





FT Construction (Swainsthorpe) Ltd, Land at Orchard Villa, Hempnall Rd, Morningthorpe - Demolition of existing poultry houses and erection of new workshop/office building #2

– Recommended refusal on the same grounds made on the original application response. The site is in a designated area of high landscape value in a river valley and thus the proposed development would contravene ENV3. In addition the effect on the highways by increased traffic and the size of the vehicles would be unsafe given the road width and the bad junction of the B1527 with the A140. Two members of the Council were for the application.


Simon & Katy Shields, Three Feathers Cottage, Lundy Green, Hempnall - Replacement of 4 downstairs windows and 4 sills on upstairs windows – Recommended approval.


Application modified since the last meeting:

FT Construction (Swainsthorpe) Ltd, Land at Orchard Villa, Hempnall Rd, Morningthorpe - Demolition of existing poultry houses and erection of new workshop/office building #1.










































A policy document had been prepared and would be circulated to councillors prior to the next main meeting at which it would be considered in more detail.





Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local development Framework Consultation

The consultation period for this expires on 28th March. The clerk had provided the documentation to Mr Hook to review on 16th February and Mr Hook explained the general  issues to the meeting and those relating specifically to Morningthorpe as a potential site for the following:

  1. the conversion of the existing temporary recycling centre to be a permanent fixture;
  2. further landfill where gravel has been extracted next to the existing landfill site;
  3. the creation of an additional gravel extraction pit between the existing site and up to the A140 with a view to providing an estimated 425,000 tonnes of aggregate.


After much discussion it was agreed that there should be no extension of the existing landfill or extraction of minerals on the proposed sites. (6 for, 3 abstentions).


As a general comment on the overall issues and options reports, it was agreed that lighting on all waste and mineral sites should be kept to a minimum and comply with the principles embodied in the Norfolk County Council ELZ policy.


 The clerk to respond accordingly.





















The Queen’s Head PH

The view of the parish councillors and members of the public present was that it would be undesirable to lose the amenity of the public house in the centre of the village. It was noted that approaches had been made to buy the freehold of the pub in order to run it as a pub however the brewery were only interested in renting the premises.  Concern was expressed that the brewery had failed to invest in the infrastructure of the pub over a number of years which, it was believed, directly affected any landlords ability to maximise the potential of the pub. The Kings Head at Woodton was cited as an example of what could be done with the correct level of investment.


Mr Pointer proposed, Mrs Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Windridge would draft a letter to the brewery with the assistance of Mrs Ashford to express the concerns of the district councillor and the parish council.


















Mrs Allen declared a pecuniary interest in the Wind farm items and left the meeting.

Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford declared an interest in the same items and also left the meeting.


Mr Hook took the chair.




Wind Farm


Visual intrusion map

Mr Hook reported that a map was substantially complete however another blimp flight would be necessary in order to finish the survey. Mr Hook requested the help of other parish councillors to help conclude the survey once the time of the blimp flight was known.


Photo montages

Mr Hook reported that the montages had been completed.


Background noise levels

Mr Delf to locate an engineer.


Future information

Mr Hook stated that the parish council would hold an exhibition in the Village Hall as soon as practicable after the publication of the planning application to give parishioners an opportunity to view the application as well as the information collated by the parish council. Opportunity would be given to parishioners to express their views to councillors at the exhibition, in addition Mr Hook encouraged parishioners to write to the parish council following publication of the planning application to indicate their views whether they be for or against the application. The exhibition would be publicised by way of a hand delivered newsletter to parishioners.


The parish council would also convene a special meeting to consider the application once members had digested all the relevant information necessary to make a decision.


Mr Windridge stated that he had written to Mrs Allen urging her to withdraw her land from the wind farm project. He also commended the thoroughness of the preparation of the parish council for dealing with the imminent planning application.


Mr Hook read a letter from Minting & Gautby parish council clerk to the clerk of Hempnall parish council on the subject of wind farms. Hempnall clerk was requested to respond appropriately.






































Mrs Allen, Mr Moulton and Mrs Ashford rejoined the meeting.

Mr Moulton re-took the chair.



Matters arising from previous parish council meetings



No smoking in public places

Mr Moulton is to fit a laminate sign in the bus shelter.




War Memorial Grant

The Clerk reported that he had continued to chase English Heritage.




Reorganisation of Local Authorities

The clerk had responded to the consultation; however Mr Fuller, the Leader of SNC, had responded that Suffolk would now need to be considered along with Norfolk following central government directions. Consultation information regarding this will follow.


Greater Norwich Development Area

The clerk had arranged the sub-committee meeting of 22nd January 2008, following which he had responded to the consultation.






The clerk had invited Mrs Ely to the May meeting and she had accepted the invitation.




Planning Application validation checklist

Following the sub-committee meeting the clerk had responded to the consultation.



Playing field issues

The clerk had erected further anti dog fouling signs.



Playing field Users Association joint meeting

The clerk had booked the village hall and invited the PUA via its chairman to the meeting to be held on 16th April 2008 at 7.30pm.





Playing Field Hedge / Field Boundary

This has now been registered with The Land Registry under title number NK367254.




Planning Training

The clerk had arranged for .Mr Moulton, Mr Rose ad Mrs Allen to attend the planning training.



Maintenance of the playing field hedge

Mr Hook reported that M J Contract Services had strimmed around the base of the hedging and replaced any missing plants/guards. They will also spray in spring.





Nobb’s Lane

Mr. Hook had arranged for the classification application to be made. A response is awaited.





Appointment of Poor Charity Representative

The clerk had approached Mrs Trixie Dye to represent the parish council, who had willingly accepted the post. The clerk had informed the secretary of the Poor Charity and written to thank Mrs Dye.




Speed Awareness Message (SAM)

We await the check to be carried out. The clerk to monitor.




Hugmore Registration

We await SNC re the possibility of recording the two plots of land with the Land Registry. The clerk to continue to chase.






Climbing Frame surfaces

Mr Ellis had partially completed this task.




Climbing frame painting

Mr. Ellis reported that he would paint the wooden areas and Mr. Medlar would test paint the coloured areas.




Ex Recycling Centre

The clerk had liaised with SNC yet again and been told there was no change to the previous report. The clerk to continue to chase.




Churchyard Risk Assessment

We await Purfitts.





After some discussion it was marginally agreed to drop the previous request for attention to the Fairstead Lane footpath area that is normally boggy.






Village Hall Car Park Repairs

We await Ennstone Ltd. Mr Rose to chase.





Ex Councillor recognition

The recycled plastic table/bench and brass plaque had been delivered. Mr Delf had liaised with Mr Ellis to arrange for the bench to be installed. A site meeting had been held on Saturday 19th January and the position of the table/bench was agreed. Mr Delf proposed, Mrs Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Ellis would install the bench on timbers at a cost of £75.


Mr Ellis was thanked for all his work in the play area.











Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 19th March 2008 were:


SNC re Comprehensive performance assessment

Norfolk Voice winter 2008

Norfolk Link issue 164

NCAPTC news sheets

Enjoy St Georges Day

Your Rubbish Your Choice magazine

Neighbourhood Forum Review Questionnaire

The Playing Field

NCC re care homes directory

Clerks & Councils Direct

SNC re Rural post office closures

SNC Car park review

Norfolk Playing Field Ass accounts 2006/7

CPRE Fieldwork magazine March 2008

Town & Parish Standard leaflet March 2008

The Local Channel newsletter



No further matters were raised form the above.



Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last meeting were:


To all on email:

Community Development practitioners - Dates for your diary

Empowering Me, Empowering You': Inspire your thinking and challenge your practice

Orders and regulations relating to the conduct of local authority members in England – consultation

NRCC January Signpost

Inspire East e-newsletter January 2008

Low cost housing project launch

New Standards Regime

Urban Regeneration Companies best practice seminar - 6 February

SNC reorg of local authorities - response to our submission

Urban Regeneration Companies best practice seminar

One Planet Living Awards

Low Cost Housing Project links

Various EEDA courses/presentations

Waveney Valley Leader Application

Community Development network Gathering: 6 March 2008

Waveney Valley Leader Application

Events from Inspire East

Community Development network Gathering

Temporary Road Closure – Hempnall

Inspire East e-newsletter February 2008

Tas Valley Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

Local Government Review - Town and Parish Council Workshop - 19 March 2008

Local Government Review

Licensing Act 2003 - Application or variation of premises licences.

Standards Committee letter

Boundary committee meeting notice

NRCC Council Meeting - 26th March 2008 - Post Office Closures

Community Development network

SNA Executive Board elections

Ken Barnes - Local Government Review update

Boundary committee letter

Notice of Long Stratton Area Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) Meeting


To all councillors:

Parish Statistics for December 2007

South Norfolk Council's new Low Cost Housing Project : an Update


No further matters were raised form the above.























Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:

Notice/Agenda for 22nd January sub-committee meeting.

Notice/Agenda for 19th March meeting.

Notice/Agenda for 19th March parish meeting.

Tas Valley Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

SNC re Rural post office closures (Also at post office)

Boundary committee poster


No further matters were raised form the above. 








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Added Parish Council draft minutes of 16th January 2008.

Made Parish Council minutes of 21st November 2007 final.

Added Notice/Agenda for 22nd January sub-committee meeting.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of 22nd January 2008.

Updated Hempnall School entries

Added Notice/Agenda for 19th March meeting.

Added Notice/Agenda for 19th March parish meeting.

Added new 2008 meeting dates.


No further matters were raised from the above.










Disclosed at Meeting

Correspondence read out by the clerk at the meeting not covered elsewhere was as follows:







SNAPS – inadequate road markings

A request had been received from SNAPS to identify inadequate road markings in the parish. The clerk to respond that centre carriageway white lines would be desirable on the Alburgh Rd corner of which the old recycling centre was situated.









This will be held on 30th April in Hempnall Village Hall. Anybody interested in attending to contact the clerk to make a booking.





Standards Committee Member Vote

The clerk had previously circulated the information by email. Mr Rose proposed, Mr Pointer seconded and it was agreed 8 in favour and 1 abstention that no vote should be made.



Planning for Gypsy & traveller Accommodation in the East of England

The consultation period runs to the 16th May, full details can be found at www.goeast.gov.uk. Councillors are to review the site and e-mail the clerk with any comments they wish to make. The clerk will collate the comments and submit a response by the deadline.







SNA parish council representative

It was agreed not to nominate anybody to stand for election as the parish council representative on the board of SNA.



Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 17th January 2008 to 19th March 2008. The statement was in line with the annual budget Mrs Allen proposed, Mr Cunningham seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.



Completion of Audit

The clerk reported that the external audit for the year ended 31st March 2007 had been completed and a clean audit report had been received. The clerk had displayed the relevant notices.



Internal Audit

Due to Mr. Bailey’s ill health, Mr. Pointer proposed, Mrs. Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed to engage Janette Franks as the council's internal auditor for the current year. The Clerk should liaise with her to ensure the internal audit for the year ended 31st March 2008 was carried out prior to the next main meeting.


The clerk to write a letter of gratitude to Mr. Bailey and wish him a speedy recovery.









Playing field Users Association Report

Mr Delf reported that a container had been found to replace the old garage. The container cost £700 plus VAT and Mr Cunningham had agreed to transport it FOC. Mr Workman proposed, Mrs Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the container should be purchased and that a sum of £700 be transferred from the PUA funds to the main parish council account. 













Play Area Report

Mr Delf reported that Mr Ellis’s recent inspection of the play area had not raised any new issues.


The clerk reported that he had ordered a SNC play area inspection for June in order to comply with insurance requirements.








Spring Newsletter

The following items to be included:

  • Wind farm planning application exhibition
  • Morningthorpe Mineral and waste site



Items for next main meeting agenda

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team – Liz Ely
  • Appointment of Chair and other Officers
  • Approval of Annual Accounts to 31/03/08
  • Notice of expenses
  • Insurance renewal
  • Member’s Interests
  • Standing Orders Review
  • Risk Assessment Review
  • Clerk of the Year





Next Meeting


The next scheduled meeting will be on 16th April 2008 at 7.30pm 30pm in The Nelson Suite of the Village Hall to meeting with the Playing Field Users Association.


The next main meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st May 2008 at 7.30pm in The Nelson Suite of the Village Hall.





There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 10:20pm







Signed _____________________________________________ Date 16th April 2008





























Presented to meeting on 19th March 2008







Current Account







(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :








MHB Services Streetlight Maintenance




Hempnall Village Hall




tr bpa-c/a




tr bpa-c/a




Marmax Products Ltd - Table/bench




Admiral Signs - J Ellis Plaque




MHB Services Streetlight Maintenance











Closing Balance











Business Premium Account







(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :








tr bpa-c/a




tr bpa-c/a




Interest NSIB




interest BPA




Interest NSIB











Closing Balance