Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 3rd December 2008 at 7.30pm in The Nelson Room of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton, Vice Chairman David Hook, Liz Allen (from Village cleaning onwards) , Debbie Ashford, Kevin Cunningham, Richard Delf, Hamish Rose, and Clerk - Ian Nelson.



Members of the public present†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

andistrict Councillor Michael Windridge, Mr Paul Blyth, Mrs Karen Blyth, Mr Roger Stretton, Mr Albert Clements, Mrs Patricia Clements, Mrs Julie Parker, Mr Michael Jones, Mr Roger Parker, Mr Robert Johnson, Mrs Hillary Battye, Mr Patrick Stone, and Mrs Melanie Hook.




Apologies were received from County Councillor Stella Rice, Peter Workman, David Pointer.



Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 19th November 2008 were approved and signed.




Public Participation

Mr Windridge pointed out that there was need for a lollypop at Hempnall school.Mr. Delf thought that he knew an individual who might be interested and would approach him prior to the next meeting.






Wind Farm

Mr Moulton asked if any member needed to declare a prejudicial interest in the wind farm issue, there being none the meeting continued.


Mr. Moulton provided the meeting with an update of the work of the Joint Advisory Working Group (JAWG).


During the discussion under items 5.02 (Recommendations of the Joint Advisory Working Group) and 5.03 (Resolutions relating to these recommendations including finance) Mr Moulton expressed concerns about the sensitivity of section 3 of the JAWG proposal insofar as it relates to Saxlingham PC which is not meeting until next week.


Mr. Hook made the following comments:


That it was incorrect procedure for the parish council to vote on a proposal that would involve the council spending a greater sum of money than it had ever spent before without knowing what that money would be spent on and how much the total level of expenditure involved in pursuing the proposed actions was likely to be. The council should therefore be made aware of the full content of the advisory groupís recommendations.


That the advice of the joint advisory working group was contained in the draft proposal and that this proposal was agreed by the advisory group for presentation to both Hempnall Parish Council and Saxlingham Parish Council meetings at their next meetings.He stated that no member of the advisory group, present at the meeting where the proposal was agreed, had expressed any concerns about any portion of the proposal being confidential.


That the joint advisory working group was set up to give advice to the parish council and therefore that advice should be given in an unedited form. If this was prevented from happening what was the point of the advisory body.He added that the parish council need not accept or act on that advice but it ought to hear it.


That voting on the expenditure of large sums of money should be conducted by the parish council in open session with all members of the public present.


After much debate Mr. Delf proposed, Mrs. Ashford seconded and it was agreed that in view of the special/perceived confidential nature of the business about to be transacted it was advisable for the council to discuss this in private session. Members of the council then withdrew to do this.


Mr Delf proposed, Mr Hook seconded and it was unanimously agreed that:


1.                   The Parish Council shall attend the Public Inquiry as a Rule 6 party, represented by Counsel, jointly with Saxlingham Nethergate and Tasburgh Parish Councils and SHOWT, and any other parish council which agrees to join the Joint Advisory Working Group.


2.                   Subject to the budgetary limits set out below, the Joint Advisory Working Group be authorised to instruct Counsel, to appoint expert witnesses, to liaise with South Norfolk Council and other opposition parties and witnesses, to secure funding and generally to manage the preparation of the case for the Inquiry.


3.                   An overall budget of £26,500 (excl. VAT) be authorised, contributed as follows:-


Hempnall PC

(of which £2,000 already authorised)




Saxlingham Nethergate PC†††††††††††††† ††††† (of which £1,000 already authorised)


††† £5,500

Public contributions (to be raised)†††




††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


In the event of a total sum in excess of £26,500 being raised, the limits set out above shall abate pro rata.


  1. The above resolutions are conditional upon Saxlingham Nethergate Parish Council also passing Resolutions 1 to 3 in the same terms.


Members returned to public meeting.


Mr Hook informed the public of the content of resolutions 1,2, and 4 and that Hempnall PC had agreed contribution of £15,000 in total. The clerk explained that the minutes would record the resolutions in full (including the sensitive/confidential resolution 3) but would not be published until after Saxlingham PC had considered the same resolutions.

The clerk indicated that the parish council may raise the finance by:


  1. Using unrestricted reserves already held.
  2. Increasing the precept.
  3. Using other existing income streams that the parish council already has, e.g. investment income, property rental.
  4. Public subscription / fund raising events - e.g. collections, bingo, fetes, dances etc
  5. House to house collections - will require a licence from SNC unless the purpose of the collection is purely local in character and a certificate of exemption is obtained from the Chief Constable.
  6. Taking out a loan from the Public Works Loan Board via NALC. - Variable rate 4.7% - Fixed rates start at 3.2% for 1 yr, 3.63% for 2 years etc*
  7. Mortgaging council property*.


*Options 6 & 7 above can only be used to raise funds for capital projects (which the costs of the Inquiry are not) but they may be of use to replace such funding if this is diverted to the Inquiry.


Mr Delf proposed, Mr Cunningham seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the funds should be raised via a mixture of the use of retained free reserves and the precept, spread over the next few years. The extent to which each source of funds would be used was considered under ď PreceptĒ below.




























































































Planning Applications

No matters to discuss.




Village cleaning

Mr Delf proposed, Mrs Cunningham seconded and it was agreed unanimously that Mr Cracknell be offered £500 in recognition of his contribution to the cleanliness of the village over the last year, The Clerk to write a letter of thanks to him accordingly.







Budget/Precept 2009/10

The Clerk presented the budget for 2009/10 as previously circulated to Councillors. The budget was updated to reflect the funds required to deal with the wind farm inquiry. Mr Delf proposed and Mrs Ashford seconded and it was agreed that the contingency budget the increased to £2,000.


Mr Delf proposed and Mr Cunningham seconded and it was agreed that the precept be set at £17,900. This was agreed 6 votes to 1 against. The Clerk to inform SNC of the required precept.


It was noted that the parish councilís laptop was damaged and required repair or if more cost effective, replacement. As funds for this were already reserved in the budget the clerk was authorised to proceed with the most cost effective route.













Nomination of Trustee for The Hempnall Trust

The clerk had written a letter of thanks to Mrs Buck.


Mrs Allen proposed, Mr Delf seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Simon Webster be nominated as the parish councilís representative.


Mrs Allen to inform Mr Webster.


The Clerk to write to the chair of the trust and Mr Webster.











Items for next agenda

  • Hempnall School Lollypop person




Next Meeting

The next main meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th January 2009 at 7.30pm in The Nelson Suite of the Village Hall.





There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.20pm





Signed ____________________________________________Date 14th January 2009