Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 29th December 2008 at 7.30pm in The Nelson Suite of the Village Hall.





Vice Chairman David Hook, Liz Allen (from after wind farm item), Richard Delf, Peter Workman and the Clerk - Ian Nelson.

Debbie Ashford, David Pointer (both from after the wind farm item)



Members of the public present                                                                                                       

Mr Ian Cundy.




Apologies were received from Geoffrey Moulton.


Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 3rd December 2008 were approved and signed.




Public Participation

Mr Cundy enquired as to how the £4,000 mentioned in the minutes of the 3rd December 2008 was to be raised. It was explained that it was expected to be raised from  public contributions. Mr Cundy asked what might happen if the budget was exceeded. Mr Hook explained that the money would have to be found but since the passing of the resolution on the 3rd December, SNC had indicated that some of the costs that were to be borne by the PCs, may well be contributed to by SNC, thus the contingency already built in to the current budget would be increased.


Mr Cundy observed that the PC minutes appeared not be placed in the shop any more. The clerk explained that he had agreed with the shop manager from the outset to place the minutes there but he too had noted that they were not being displayed for very long. The clerk to liaise with the shop again and seek an alternative display sight if necessary, such as the butchers.
















Wind Farm



Mr Hook proposed, Mr Workman seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the parish council representatives on JAWG should be the people who report back to the parish council and that the advice that JAWG has agreed should be given in full to the PC.


It was noted that Saxlingham PC had passed the equivalent resolutions to those passed by Hempnall on 3rd December 2008.






Planning Applications


New application since the last meeting:

Ms Oakley, 7 Coronation Crescent, Hempnall - First floor extension to rear and conservatory to rear – Recommended approval.


Mr & Mrs R Kelly, 35 Alburgh Rd, Hempnall - Alterations and rear extension to existing dwelling  – Recommended approval.


Applications approved since the last meeting:














Planning Policies

Mr Hook outlined the policies already passed. In addition to these the following were also agreed:


Mrs Ashford declared an interest in the next item and refrained from voting.


Mr Delf proposed, Mr Pointer seconded and it was unanimously agreed that wording akin to that stated in SNC’s wind farm landscape sensitivity study be adopted by the PC for Hempnall.  Mr Hook to provide the clerk with suitable wording and the clerk to email other voting councillors.


With regard to the Greater Norwich Development Partnership - Joint Core Strategy Mr Workman proposed, Mr Pointer seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the previous responses made by Hempnall PC should be re-emphasised with additional questions being put relating to the changes to housing allocation and overall numbers The clerk and Mr Hook to send the response by the deadline.


















Matters arising from previous parish council meetings



The Hempnall Trust

The clerk had passed on the public’s concerns to the trustees.



Climbing frame paint invoice

Mrs Allen had supplied the clerk with the bill for the paint.



“No dog fouling /golf” signs

The new signs will shortly be erected.




Playing Field tree pruning

Mr Workman reported that the football club were happy to have the light repositioned, thus no pruning was necessary.



Village cleaning

The Clerk had written a letter of thanks and enclosed the donation to Mr Cracknell who had responded with a letter of thanks.



Precept 2009/10

The Clerk had informed SNC of the required precept.




This had been replaced.



Trustee for The Hempnall Trust

Mrs Allen had informed Mr Webster.


The Clerk had written to the chair of the trust and Mr Webster.



Public Notice Board Restoration

The clerk had written to thank Mr Cracknell .





Consultation on Pharmacies and Dispensing

The clerk had responded and sent a copy the MP.



Footpath 12

Mr Rose had responded to NCC Country Access Officer.





Norfolk Accident & Rescue

The clerk had paid the donation.





Freedom Of Information Model Publication Scheme

The clerk to inform the relevant body.



Dates for next years main meetings

The clerk had booked the Village Hall.



Public Telephone Removal

We await BT. The clerk to monitor.




Hugmore Registration

We await SNC. The clerk to continue to chase.





Hugmore Pond Sale

SNC wrote to Mrs Jones at the end of July to see if she will consider purchasing the pond and reported that they had not had a response, they will follow up. The clerk to monitor.





Climbing frame painting

Mr. Medlar to complete in the spring.




Nobb’s Lane

We await NCC. The clerk to monitor.




Lollypop Person

Mr. Delf had approached the individual whom he thought might be interested and reported that they were not ready at this time. The clerk to report this to the school governors.





Back Lane Willow Trees & Fencing

Mr Hook is to liaise with Mark Havers for a quote.


The clerk had contacted NCC re the fence and sign and they had responded as follows: ”Under the Occupiers Liability Act it is for the landowner to erect and maintain suitable fencing around the ponds. Signage would also be a matter for the landowner to undertake. It is not the duty of the County Council to indemnify risks posed by features serving a private interest.”


Mr Workman proposed and Mrs Allen seconded and it was unanimously agreed that legal advice be taken from NALC re the fence and the sign. The insurance cover will also need to be considered. The clerk to also ask Mr Ellis and look in the minutes.


NCC also stressed “that while Back Lane is well used by pedestrians, cyclists and horses riders it does not currently have any public rights registered over it.” They noted from their file that it had been suggested on a number of occasions that a 'claim' for public rights be submitted by the parish to formally register public rights to secure their future use. They again suggested that Hempnall PC consider this approach as has been undertaken recently for Nobbs Lane. To be agendad at next meeting.























Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 29th December 2008 were:

The Playing Field magazine Autumn 2008

CPRE Fieldwork magazine December 2008

Norfolk Link issue 168


No further matters were raised form the above.













Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last main  meeting were:

Inspire East Newsletter - November 2008

Community Development Network – Climate Change

Update from the Regional Empowerment Partnership and nominations sought for new Partnership Groups

Play Area Information Day 9.30am- 2pm Saturday 31st January 2009 Bracon Ash Village Hall

Events at Inspire East

Email from Steel Rice re School

Parish Crime Stats November 2008

Environmental Services Monthly Update for Town & Parish Clerks (Confidential briefing)

Post office burglaries

South Norfolk Housing Forum invitation

Signpost Dec 2008

Norfolk Association of Local Councils Business Plan

Inspire East Newsletter - December 2008

Early warning of A140 weekend closures, January and February


No further matters were raised form the above.






Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:

Notice/Agenda for 3rd December 2008.

Notice/Agenda for 29th December 2008.

Police Mobile timetable

Jingle all the way to the recycling bin poster

Sandbags sites poster


No further matters were raised form the above. 







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Made Parish Council minutes of 16th September 2008.final.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of 19th November 2008.

Added Notice/Agenda for 3rd December 2008 parish council meeting.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of 3rd December 2008.

Made Parish Council minutes of 19th November 2008.final.

Added Notice/Agenda for 29th December 2008 parish council meeting.

Updated Diary dates

Updated legal notices re Freedom of Information Act

Added Freedom of Information Act page

Added Guide to Information available to public

Added Model Freedom of Information Model Publication Scheme


No further matters were raised from the above.










Disclosed at Meeting

Correspondence read out by the clerk at the meeting not covered elsewhere was as follows:



Norfolk Police Authority Open Meeting

This will take place 7pm 29th January 2009 at Jubilee House in Wymondham, contact the clerk for booking form.






NCC – Norwich & Kings Lynn multi-operator bus tickets

This scheme is proposed to start in June 2009 and consultation comments are welcome until 27th February 2009. Details can be found on www.norfolk.gov.uk In summary it would allow multi-operator ticket holders to have unlimited travel within defined areas surrounding Norwich & Kings Lynn on most local bus services.




Queens Head

Mrs Ashford reported the contents of her email to the clerk. It was agreed to keep a watching brief with a view to retaining the premises as a public house.



Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 20th November 2008 to 29th December 2008. The statement was in line with the annual budget Mr Delf proposed, Mrs Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.










Playing field Users Association Report

Mr Delf reported that there had not been a meeting since the last PC meeting.



Play Area Report

Mr Delf to liaise with Mr Ellis re the SNC play area report and supply a report and  costings to the next meeting.





Conservation area

Mrs Allen to liaise with Mr Smith and the PCC to suggest a plan and costings to the next meeting.  Mr Hook stated that Norfolk Wildlife trust should also be contacted.





Items for next main meeting agenda

  • Parish Meeting
  • Internal Audit
  • Spring Newsletter







There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9:15pm.





Signed ____________________________________________Date 18th March 2009




















Presented to meeting on 29th December 2008

Current Account

(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :


Tr BPA to c/a



A J Medlar



Ian Smith grass cutting



Larking Gowen - JAWG - Courier



Mr G Stephenson - JAWG - Counsel



Norfolk Accident rescue



Tr BPA to c/a



Hempnall Group of Parishes Mag Advert



G H Allen (Farms) Ltd - Paint



D Hook - JAWG expenses



MHB Services Ltd - Streelight Maint



MHB Services Ltd - Streelight Maint



D Cracknall



Saxlingham JAWG contribution



Eon - Streelight electricity



Eon - Streelight electricity



John Ellis - repair to tower slide



Closing Balance


Business Premium Account

(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :


Tr BPA to c/a



Tr BPA to c/a



Closing Balance