Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 18th March 2009 at 8.00pm in The Nelson Suite of the Village Hall.





Chairman Geoffrey Moulton, Vice Chairman David Hook, Debbie Ashford, Hamish Rose, Peter Workman and the Clerk - Ian Nelson.



Members of the public present                                                                                                       

District Councillor Michael Windridge.




Apologies were received from Liz Allen, Kevin Cunningham, and Richard Delf.


Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 5th February 2009 were approved and signed.




Public Participation

Mr Windridge, on behalf of 100’s of parishioners, thanked the parish council for helping to protect the village against the development of the wind turbines.





Parish Meeting

Matters arising from the parish meeting held on 18th March 2009 that required consideration were as follows:



Hedge Trimming

The smaller of the two established oak trees along the southern boundary of the playing field had suffered damage as a result of being bush whacked. In addition a new young oak tree planted on parish council land well within the boundary had also been damaged. It was agreed to write to the landowner to ask them to take more care and not to bush whack the trees.


Mr Hook would liaise with the charity owning the allotments with a view to planting a hedge on the southern boundary of the allotments .












Swan Meadows Footbridge

Mr Rose had reported that NCC had agreed to repair Swan Meadows footbridge some time ago. It was agreed that this matter should be chased up.






Road Conditions

Miss Emery stated that Bungay Road at bottom of the path from Rowland Drive was in a poor state of repair. Mrs Brookes and Mrs Parker reported that the roads in general need to be reviewed and repaired. The clerk will write to Highways asking them to carry out repairs.







Planning Applications


New application since the last meeting:

Mrs J Turner, The Chequers, Mill Rd, Hempnall - Demolish and re-build boundary wall adjacent to road – Recommended approval.


Mr M Rudling, Meadow Farm, Silver Green, Hempnall - Extension to rear west elevation to provide kitchen, family room, first floor bedroom, staircase and landing – Recommended approval.














Applications approved since the last meeting:

Mrs R Bennett, Village Hall Bungay Rd, Hempnall - Replacement of two wooden sheds with a new metal shed.



Applications refused since the last meeting:

Mr J Hollis, Springwood, Spring, Hempnall - Retention of two temporary residential units for on-site forestry worker and family.



Prohibition of Waiting Order 2009

NCC has issues an order for the area around the junction of Bussey’s Loke and The Street.



Gypsy & Traveller Development Plan Document consultation March 2009

The clerk had emailed councillors with the pdfs. Responses to be made by 5 May 2009. Mr Hook reported that the proposed sites should not affect Hempnall.



Claim for public rights over Back Lane

Mr Hook proposed and Mr Rose seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Rose starts the process to apply for Back Lane to make a public right of way.





Matters arising from previous parish council meetings



Minutes display

The clerk had liaised with the shop again.



Greater Norwich Development Partnership - Joint Core Strategy

A letter had been sent responding to the Greater Norwich Development Partnership - Joint Core Strategy.



Wind farm policy

Mr Hook had provided the clerk with suitable wording and the clerk had emailed other voting councillors.



“No dog fouling /golf” signs

The new signs have been erected.




Lollypop Person

The clerk had written to Mrs Elston. It was agreed to express concern over the lack of a lollypop person to District Councillor Windridge as it was considered to be a matter of public safety.


Mr Ashford proposed and Mr Workman seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the clerk should make enquiries of the school as to whether he recruitment process had been successful. It was noted that the area would be even more dangerous after the restricted parking yellow lines were in place.











Spring Newsletter

This had been issued. In order to enhance coverage and aid better communication with parishioners the clerk stated that he had set up an email distribution list for the newsletter.



Tree Preservation Orders

The clerk had obtained a map from SNC. – awaiting




Consultation on guidance note on assessing the landscape and visual impact of large wind turbine proposals in SN.

The letter of support had been sent.






Public Telephone Removal

We await BT. The clerk to monitor. 





Hugmore Registration

We await SNC who now think that after 43 months they will be able to deal with it around April/ May 2009. The clerk to continue to chase.





Climbing frame painting

Mr. Medlar to complete in the spring.




Nobb’s Lane

We await NCC. The clerk to monitor.




Back Lane Willow Trees & Fencing


The clerk had contacted NCC re the fence and sign and they had responded as follows: ”Under the Occupiers Liability Act it is for the landowner to erect and maintain suitable fencing around the ponds. Signage would also be a matter for the landowner to undertake. It is not the duty of the County Council to indemnify risks posed by features serving a private interest.”


The clerk had taken advice from NALC and the insurance company re the fence and the sign, both of whom had recommended not to fence or put up any signs as this would expose the parish council to liability.


The clerk had spoken to Mr Ellis who had informed him that the fence had been erected by SNC. The clerk to contact SNC to ask them to repair it.

















Wildlife area

Mrs Allen had liaised with Mr Smith and the PCC to suggest a plan and costings to the next meeting but had not reported on the views of Norfolk Wildlife Trust.


It was noted that the quote referred to changing the size of the wildlife area and that this was not the agreed approach. The quote should relate to the frequency of cutting and it was agreed that the clerk should write to Mr Smith to arrange a site meeting with councillors one Saturday morning to finalise the matter. Mr Moulton to coordinate.











Hugmore Pond Sale

SNC confirmed that Mrs Jones did not wish to purchase the pond. It was agreed to await a suitable purchaser.







Information Packs

The items placed in the information pack envelope circulated to all Councillors on 18th March 2009 were:


Clerks and Councils Direct magazine issue 61

Norfolk Voice

The Playing Field winter 2008-9

Clerks and Councils Direct magazine issue 62

Fieldwork – March 2009

TreeLine edition 20


No further matters were raised form the above.












Items given directly to Councillors or representatives  since the last main  meeting were:


Long Stratton PCSOs

Parish Crime Stats for December

Pitch To Win Competition - FAO Local Football Pitch Owners – R Delf

Tas Valley Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meeting notice

e-bulletin from Voluntary Norfolk

Community Development Network

County Council takes steps to help those seeking debt advice

Inspire East Newsletter Jan 09

Norfolk County pay-as-you-go car club

Introduction to the Community Group of the Rural Services Network

Invitation to Rev Michael Kingston’s induction

Planning Training 10/02

Parish Crime Stats January 2009

Community Development Network gathering: 17th March at the Kings Centre in Norwich

Play area information

Grassroots Grants

Green and Gold Summits

Inspire East - Photos and professionalism

Parish Crime Statistics for February 2009

Norfolk County Council Traffic Order

Public consultation re Joint Core Strategy for Broadland, Norwich & South Norfolk

Gypsy & Traveller Development Plan Document consultation March 2009

Green Homes event - Central Hall, Wymondham


HPC Spring Newsletter

Norfolk County Home Watch Association - Training and Information Seminar

Local Plan policy text document

Invitation Norfolk regional empowerment road show

Planning Portal Meeting

South Norfolk Council's Scrutiny Committee – Financial controls

Community Development Network gatherings


No further matters were raised form the above.




Items placed directly onto the parish notice boards were:

Notice/Agenda for Parish Meeting 18th March 2009.

Notice/Agenda for 18th March 2009.

Notice of Wind farm public inquiry

HPC Spring Newsletter

Mobile police timetable

Norfolk Parent Partnership poster

No further matters were raised form the above. 







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Made Parish Council minutes of 3rd December 2008.final.

Added Parish Council draft minutes of 29th December 2008.

Added Notice/Agenda for Parish Meeting 18th March 2009.

Added Notice/Agenda for 18th March 2009 meeting.

Added The Hempnall Trust Contacts

Added The Hempnall Trust Caretaker advert

Added The Hempnall Trust Trustee advert

Added HPC Spring Newsletter

No further matters were raised from the above.









Disclosed at Meeting

Correspondence read out by the clerk at the meeting not covered elsewhere was as follows:



Nominations for South Norfolk Alliance Executive Board

The clerk made councillors aware of the above, any nominations to be made by noon on 30th April 2009.



Planning Portal

Mr Moulton and Mr Hook may attend the meeting on the 27th April.




Financial Statements


Movements since last meeting

The clerk presented the financial statement attached to these minutes showing the movements from 30th December 2008 to 18th March 2009. The statement was in line with the annual budget Mr Workman proposed, Mr Hook seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the statement be approved.










Internal Audit

Mr. Workman proposed, Mr. Moulton seconded and it was unanimously agreed to engage Janette Franks as the council's internal auditor for the current year. The Clerk should liaise with her to ensure the internal audit for the year ended 31st March 2009 was carried out prior to the next main meeting.







Playing field Users Association Report

Mr Delf had report via the parish meeting report that there had been a 14% rise in the charge from the village hall for use of the facilities and that an explanation had been sought.



Play Area Report

Mr Workman proposed and Mr Rose seconded and it was unanimously agreed to put a notice up to the effect that “All that play on this equipment do so at their own risk”





Items for next main meeting agenda

  • Appointment of Chair and other Officers
  • Approval of Annual Accounts to 31/03/09
  • Notice of expenses
  • Insurance renewal
  • Member’s Interests
  • Standing Orders Review
  • Risk Assessment Review





Settlement Hierarchy Classification

It was unanimously agreed that Hempnall parish council’s planning policies No 2 and 3  be amended to read as follows:


2.       Development Boundary – 18/03/09


Hempnall Parish Council accepts that the Greater Norwich Development Partnership’s definition of Hempnall as an “Other Village” in its settlement hierarchy corresponds closely with the view of the parish council.


Therefore any further development of the village should be incorporated within the defined development boundary and only accommodate infill or small groups of dwellings and small scale business or services.



3.       Settlement Hierarchy Classification – 18/03/09

The parish council resolves to resist any attempt to reclassify Hempnall from “Other Village” to a “Service Village” as defined by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership’s settlement hierarchy.




















Public consultation re Joint Core Strategy for Broadland, Norwich & South Norfolk

The clerk had provided the documentation to Mr Hook last week and emailed other councillors with the weblink. Responses to be made by 24 April 2009.  Mr Hook proposed and Mr Workman seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Hook would complete the questionnaire in line with the comments already submitted in writing.


Mr Hook proposed and Mrs Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed that a letter should be written to the District and County Councillors asking them to object to any large scale development of Long Stratton and informing them of our policy


Mr Hook proposed and Mrs Ashford seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the prospective county councillors be invited to the next meeting to discuss this matter.













Wind Turbines


Mr Hook reported that the planning inquiry had been postponed to a date yet to be arranged. The date of 22nd September 2009 has been offered to the parties and this has been accepted by SNC but Enertrag’s response is as yet unknown.






There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.15 pm





Signed ____________________________________________Date 20th May 2009


































Presented to meeting on 18th March 2009

Current Account

(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :





M Ashford



MHB Services Ltd - Streetlight Maint


Barclays - bank charge re storage



Tr BPA to c/a



Clerks Salary



Eon - Streetlight electricity



MHB Services Ltd - Streetlight Maint



Eon - Streetlight electricity



SMP - Visual Intrusion Maps



MHB Services Ltd - Streetlight Maint



SNC Dog bins



Eon - Streetlight electricity



Closing Balance


Business Premium Account

(Payments)/Receipts  since last meeting :


Interest IAS



Tr BPA to c/a



Interest IAS



Interest NSIB



Interest NSIB



Interest IAS



Interest NSIB



Interest IAS



Interest NSIB



Closing Balance