Newsletter – Autumn 2004



Polite Parking

The police and others have notified us that there is a problem at the school with people parking opposite the zigzag yellow lines. We request that for the safety of the children, parents and all who use this area at drop off and pick up times that cars are not parked in this area, thank you.


Don’t let the quality of village life fall

The police have advised that unless parishioners were prepared to report incidents of anti social behaviour, however small, there is little that can be done to help make village life more enjoyable. Please name names, dates, times and circumstances. Our Community Police Liaison Officer, PC Nigel Raynes, suggests calling 01953 424242 to report incidents but is also happy to be contacted by email on raynesnj@norfolk.pnn.police.uk


Beware Needles

We have been made aware that needles have been left in the children’s play area at the village hall playing field. The police have advised that any needles seen should be left in situ and reported to the police (01953 424242) to dispose of.


Traffic Calming

A number of measures are currently being actioned to help keep our roads safe. In the next few months there should be an extension of the 30mph limit to encompass the Krons, the Krons/B1527 crossroads and 50m beyond the crossroads on the B1527 towards the A140. The signage and road markings at all of the entrances to the village will also be improved and the 30mph repeater signs within the village reviewed for upgrading.



Imagine having to put your hand in a litter  bin to pick up dog mess and soiled babies nappies – I am sure you will agree, not very pleasant, but this is what our volunteer bin emptier has to put up with – PLEASE PLEASE take this sort of litter home with you, thank you.


Members of the public and press are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings which are held in the Nelson Room of Hempnall Village Hall at 7.30pm on the following dates; 16/11/04.


Copies of the full minutes of meetings can be found in Hempnall Stores and on our website www.hempnallpc.org



Telephone No.


Geoffrey Moulton – Chairman

01508 498331


David Hook – Vice Chairman

01508 498187


Liz Allen

01508 499357


Kevin Cunningham

01508 499502


Richard Delf

01508 499788


John Ellis

01508 499415


John Nolan

01508 499641


Hamish Rose

01508 498486


Peter Workman

01508 499729


Ian Nelson - Clerk

01508 498467