Newsletter Autumn 2007


Wind Turbines


A number of Hempnall residents have approached the Parish Council, both informally via individual parish councillors and formally at the most recent Parish Council meeting, to express concerns regarding information supplied to them by Enertrag UK Ltd.


The Parish Council recognises the importance of accurate information being made available to all Hempnall parishioners regarding the highly controversial wind farm development proposed for the village. This newsletter, which attempts to correct some misinformation supplied by Enertrag UK Ltd., is therefore being distributed to every household in the village.


SNDC "identified the area around Hempnall to be suitable for this type of development." ?


As part of the consultation process Enertrag has stated, in letters sent out to many residents, that South Norfolk District Council has (quote) "identified the area around Hempnall to be suitable for this type of development." i.e. a wind farm. The Parish Council has contacted SNDC Planning Department on this point and has been told by Richard Cooper, the Case Officer overseeing the proposal, that this is not true and that the suitability, or otherwise, of the proposed site for wind turbine development would not be decided until plans were formally submitted to the council.


How to take part in the consultation process


Furthermore Enertrag claimed on a printed notice displayed at their most recent public exhibition in Hempnall that in order to take part in the planning process members of the public had to write to Enertrag as part of its consultation procedure. This is also factually incorrect and while the parish council would encourage all residents to express their views, whatever they may be, to Enertrag regarding the wind farm proposal, it is not necessary to do this in order to take part in the planning process. Members of the public can make their opinions known to both the Parish Council and SNDC once plans are published and it is not a pre-requisite to have written to Enertrag first. We would hope that all Hempnall residents who wish to express a view on this matter will play a full part in the planning process by writing to the Parish Council and SNDC at the appropriate time.


Hempnall Declaration


Finally Enertrag has repeatedly claimed, in the press and on the radio, that they find the results of a survey carried out in Hempnall regarding parishioners opinions on the proposed wind turbine development to be not credible. The survey in question, namely District Councillor Michael Windridge's Hempnall Declaration, was in the opinion of the Parish Council properly and fairly conducted. It gave every adult on the electoral roll for Hempnall the chance to express a view on this issue - whether for or against.


Responses to the Hempnall Declaration currently total 623 (and they continue to be sent in) of whom 112 are in favour of the turbines (18%) and 510 are against (82%). 1 formal abstention has also been received. This represents a response rate of 60% (623 out of a total of 1046 on the Hempnall electoral roll) and is therefore highly credible. For Enertrag to suggest otherwise is really an insult to the people of this village who have freely taken part in this democratic survey.



Members of the public and press are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings which are held in The Loft of Hempnall Village Hall at 7.30pm on the following date 18/07/07; 19/09/07; 21/11/07.


Copies of the full minutes of meetings can be found in Hempnall Stores and on our website www.hempnallpc.org



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