Newsletter – Summer 2007

War Memorial

Hopefully most people by now will have noticed the magnificent improvement in the look of the War Memorial since it has been cleaned. The restoration of the lettering is now also well under way and will be completed this summer providing us with a fitting memorial for those that gave so much that we might live freely today. Councillors would like to thank Mr Roger Steward who instigated the project and was instrumental in helping the Parish Council obtain a grant offer from English Heritage to partially fund the cost.


Safe Neighbourhood Team

Many of you will be familiar with PC Raynes as our ex Community Liaison Officer, well now he is back to look after us by leading the Safe Neighbourhood Team for the Hempnall area. The team will consist not only of him but also 2 police community support officers. They can be contacted on Telephone 0845 456 4567 or by email on snlongstratton@norfolk.pnn.police.uk. The team will carry Blackberries to enable a quick response to email contact. PC Raynes has encouraged us to report all suspicions and incidents, however small, it all helps to build up the jigsaw of intelligence and may even provide the missing piece.


No smoking in Bus Shelter

You may well still be able to smoke “behind the bike shed,” but from 1st July it became illegal to smoke in the bus shelter on The Street, a fine being levied on anybody who contravenes the law. Two “No Smoking” signs have been erected, if either are removed please contact the clerk as failure to display them could result in a £2,000 fine for the parish (met by all our council tax bills!).


Members of the public and press are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings which are held in The Loft of Hempnall Village Hall at 7.30pm on the following dates: 19/09/07; 21/11/07.


Copies of the full minutes of meetings can be found in Hempnall Stores and on our website www.hempnallpc.org



Telephone No.

Geoffrey Moulton – Chairman

01508 482467

David Hook – Vice Chairman

01508 498187

Liz Allen

01508 499357

Debbie Ashford

01508 498242

Kevin Cunningham

01508 499502

Richard Delf

01508 499788

David Pointer

01508 498430

Hamish Rose

01508 498486

Peter Workman

01508 499729


Ian Nelson - Clerk

01508 498467