Newsletter – Winter 2005



Local Development Plan

As part of the Deputy Prime minister’s housing policy for the country, SNDC are required to find locations for 4000 new houses, 500 of which are to spread over the rural areas. At present  it is still very early days in the process. To date landowners and developers have identified locations that they would like to be considered for housing and the parish council has made formal representation on these sites as part of the consultation process. (See minutes of 11/11/06 on website www.hempnallpc.org or in Hempnall Stores) Should any of the major sites make it through to the next round of consultation the parish council intends to seek public views on the matter.



Hempnall School

Following the collapse of the PFI project the extension of the school was delayed until further funding was made available, but progress is now being made. The governors have reported that they have approved the floor layout plans are now awaiting the final building plans from the architects. The parish council is supportive of the project and is working closely with the governors to help ensure the planning process is undertaken as smoothly as possible.



Blooming Good Value

Saffron Housing Trust, the organisation that recently took over looking after the council properties in the village, have donated several flowering bulbs to the village. These have been planted  at the corners of the War Memorial.



Members of the public and press are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings which are held in the Nelson Room of Hempnall Village Hall at 7.30pm on the following dates; Wednesday  16/11/05; 18/01/06; 15/03/06; 17/05/06; 19/07/06; 20/09/06; 15/11/06.


Copies of the full minutes of meetings can be found in Hempnall Stores and on our website www.hempnallpc.org



Telephone No.


Geoffrey Moulton – Chairman

01508 498331


David Hook – Vice Chairman

01508 498187


Liz Allen

01508 499357


Kevin Cunningham

01508 499502


Richard Delf

01508 499788


John Ellis

01508 499415


David Pointer

01508 498430


Hamish Rose

01508 498486


Peter Workman

01508 499729


Ian Nelson - Clerk

01508 498467