Newsletter – Winter 2006/7


New play area equipment

We are pleased to announce that the children’s play area on the playing field near the village hall will shortly boast 4 new play units aimed at the younger children of the village.

Have Your Say – Act Now

If you do not like what your Parish Councillors are doing or if you could add value to village life, why not stand for election on the 3rd May?  There will be at least one vacancy on the Parish Council in May. If you would like to be nominated or to nominate somebody else to stand, please contact the Clerk to the Council (see footer for details) for a nomination form. The deadline for receipt of nominations at South Norfolk Council is 4th April 2007.

To find out more about being a Councillor feel free to ask an existing Councillor or the Clerk. More information can also be found on our website under the “Serving You” tab. Once appointed training is available if required.

Hempnall School Extension

Councillors were disappointed to learn that despite the Parish Council fully supporting the revised plans for the school, South Norfolk Council had apposed them. The architects had made several improvements to the original plans as a result of Parish Council representations. Councillors hope that with their support and that of the school governors and parents, Norfolk County Council will pass the planning application.

Precept increase

The precept is the amount of money that the Parish Council requests from South Norfolk Council to undertake its duties and pay for various village amenities. The precept is added to our Council Tax bills. Although the amount of the precept is very small compared to the other elements of the Council Tax, we still try to ensure it is kept to a minimum and would like to explain why the precept for 2007/8 is higher than 2006/7.

You will be aware that the mini-recycling facility in Alburgh Rd is no more. Historically, the Parish Council received approximately £1,000 per annum from this source and has to make up for its loss through the precept. In addition, £600 has been set aside to cover the cost of an election in May, previously this cost was bourn by South Norfolk Council. There are also various repair works to village amenities that need to undertaken in 2007/8 to avoid even higher repair costs later. We hope that you will agree that the precept still represents very good value for money to keep Hempnall a village to be proud of.