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Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer
Ian Nelson

Mr Ian Nelson F.C.A, C.F., C.L.C.A. was employed as Clerk to the Parish Council on 1st July 1998. In 2004 Ian was awarded an AQA Certificate in Local Council Administration with 11 distinctions. He has always lived in the rural environment and treasures it's quality of life. He has lived in Hempnall since 1987.

Ian enjoys his family, motorcycling, blood biking, walking and being a Christian, he worships at King's Community Church in Norwich.

Ian is a former President of Norwich Junior Chamber of Commerce and a former director of the Norfolk and Waveney Chamber of Commerce. During the day Ian works as a senior manager at MHA Larking Gowen Corporate Finance.


Day 01603 624181

Eve 01508 498467

Email theclerk@hempnallpc.org

Address Karinya, Bungay Rd, Hempnall, Norwich, NR15 2NG

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David Hook - Chaiman - Tree Warden - Hempnall Town Estate Educational Trust Rep - Data Protection Committee Member
David Hook Mr David Hook was last elected to the Parish Council in May 1999 although he has served since 1995. Born in Saxlingham in 1948, David first moved to Hempnall in 1952 and works as a school teacher. David is the Parish Council representative to the Hempnall Town Estate Charity and chairman of Hempnall Tennis Club. He enjoys travel, music, jogging & walking (Parish Council footpaths rep). Being a member of the CPRE (The Council for the Protection of Rural England) David is passionate about conservation, tree planting and the control of light pollution.
Tel 01508 498187
Email hookd74@yahoo.com
Liz Allen - Village Hall Rep - Democracy Champion - Data Protection Committee Member
Liz Allen

Mrs Liz Allen was co-opted to the Parish Council in March 2001. Born in Carleton St. Peter, Norwich in 1947, Liz has now lived in Hempnall for the past 32 years and is a farming director.

Liz is treasurer to Hempnall Tennis Club, a committee member of Hempnall Badminton Club, a committee member of Hempnall Village Hall, a committee member of Hempnall Playing field Users Association. Her home is also the local depot for Red Cross medical loan equipment and The Hempnall Town Estate Charities wheelchair loan scheme.

Liz's interests are farming and all sports.

Tel 01508 499357
Email liz.allen1@btinternet.com
Richard Delf -Vice Chairman
Richard Delf Mr Richard Delf was last elected to the Parish Council in May 1999 although he has served since 1995. Born in Henstead in 1949, Richard has lived in Hempanll since 1971. He owns and runs Delf's Garage in the village. Richard is a member of the Hempnall Football club committee and the Hempnall Playing Field Users Association.
Tel 01508 499788
Email richard@delfsgarage.co.uk
Andy Driver - Data Protection Committee
Andy Driver

Norfolk born, Andy Driver retired back to Hempnall in 2012. He spent his working life in youth work in London, Birmingham and the West Midlands. He is a Committee Member of the Saxons Bowls Club and enjoys walking and occasional cycling. He has an interest in transport, housing, the arts and the environment as well as issues for young people.

Tel 01508 498890
Email andydriver54@gmail.com
Roger Parker
Roger Parker

I like short breaks on the north Norfolk coast, playing short mat bowls and being involved
with Hempnall Village /Hall.

Tel 01508 499479

Email rogerparker34@gmail.com

Hamish Rose - Footpaths Officer
Hamish Rose Mr Hamish Rose first joined the parish council in 2007 and again in 2015.

Hamish has lived in Hempnall since 1996 and enjoys motorcycle riding, dog walking and is an allotmenteer who values village life.

Tel 01508 498486
Email hamishandgeorgina@btinternet.com
Mike Turner - SAM2 Officer


Mike Turner Mike was born in Norwich 1945, moved to Hempnall in 1969.
Was a partner in a Radio & TV repair business based in Loddon.
Moved to National grid gas as a senior electrical/electronics/communication manager, responsible for the maintenance and repair of V.H.F /U.H.F &microwave communication equipment covering the whole of East Anglia for some 27years, retired in 2006.
Interests: Have a Private Pilots Licence enjoy flying around the country side, Mike also has an  Amateur radio licence enabling him to speak to other Radio amateurs all over the world.
Very interested in the conservation of the countryside.                                                   
Tel 01508 499423
Email mike.turner45@btinternet.com


Peter Workman - Playing Field Liaison
Peter Workman Mr Peter Workman was first elected to the Parish Council in May 1999. Peter was born in Poringland in 1950 and has now lived in Hempnall since 1975. Employed as an electrician he still has time to be a member of Hempnall Football Club and the Playing Field Users Association.
Tel 01508 499729
Email pworkman@hempnallpc.org

You ?

Considering being a Councillor?
If you're interested in becoming a Councillor and help make the Parish a better place to live please contact the Clerk for more information or speak to a Councillor to find out what it involves.

Role of a Councillor

A councillor is a member of the council and is normally elected for a term of four years. People of any political or religious persuasion are eligible to become a councillor, although their personal views should not extend into their parish council work. They are elected to represent the interests of the local community as a whole and promote a harmonious local environment. The number of elected councillors depends on the size of the area, Hempnall has 9 elected councillors. Local councils are the first tier of governance and are the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue. They are democratically elected local authorities and exist in England, Wales and Scotland. The term 'local council' is synonymous with 'parish council', 'town council' and 'community council'.
Local councils are made up of locally elected councillors. They are legally obliged to hold at least one meeting a year. Most meet on a monthly or bi-monthly cycle to discuss council business and hear from local residents. Meetings are held in open sessions, at which members of the public can speak. District and County councillors regularly attend parish council meetings to report back to the district on developments at parish level. Being a Parish Councillor can be an interesting and rewarding experience.

The pdf guide below gives you a brief insight into parish and town councils, as well as providing specific advice and information on how to become a town or parish councillor.

The guide includes the following information:

  • Introduction to town and parish councils
  • Being a councillor
  • Am I qualified ?
  • How to become a councillor ?
  • Further information and case studies

Down load the following:

All about local councils

Become a Councillor

Good Councillors Guide




Hempnall Parish Council nominates representatives on various bodies as detailed below:

Organisation Representatives Due for Re-election
Town Estate Educational Foundation

David Hook

Pauline Brooks

March 2018

March 2018

The Church & Town Estate Property Charity

David Hook

Pauline Brooks

March 2018

March 2018

The Hempnall Trust

Mrs Chris Barnes

Mrs Jean Griffiths

Peter Workman

March 2020

March 2020

January 2019

Hempnall Village Hall

Liz Allen

Peter Workman

May 2016

May 2016

Highways Liason

Steve Burley

Mike Turner

May 2016

May 2016

Playing Field Liaison

Rchard Delf

Peter Workman

May 2016

May 2016

Democracy Champion Liz Allen May 2016
SAM2 Officer Mike Turner May 2016
Footpath Officer Hamish Rose May 2016
Tree Warden David Hook May 2016


District Councillor
Michael Edney

Mr Michael Edney

Party: Conservative Party -: First elected: 2019 - Ward: Hempnall - Parish(es):
Bedingham • Fritton • Hardwick  • Hempnall • Morningthorpe •  Shelton • Woodton



01953 488286
07725 971282

Shardelowe House,

6 College Road,




IP24 1QF


Email michael.edney@rocketmail.com

County Councillor
Alison Thomas

Mrs Alison Thomas

Conservative - Member of Norfolk County Council for Long Stratton Division - Parish or Urban areas within the Division: Hempnall, Long Stratton, Morningthorpe, Saxlingham Nethergate, Shelton and Hardwick, Shotesham, Tasburgh, Tharston and Hapton , Wacton.

Outside Organisations: Adoption Panel.

Details: Deputy Leader.

About the electoral division of Long Stratton (information from the Norfolk Insight)



Home 01508 530652

Ipswich Road
Long Stratton
NR15 2TF

Email alison.thomas@norfolk.gov.uk

Member of Parliament
Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon has been MP for South Norfolk since the 2001 General Election

Richard is a member of Parliament's public spending watchdog, the influential Public Accounts Committee and is also a member of the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee.

If you would like an appointment to see Richard at one of his advice surgeries, please telephone:

01379 642769

You can also contact Richard's office by telephone on:

01379 643728 or
01379 642769 or
01379 651979

You can write to Richard at the Constituency Office:

Denmark Street
Norfolk IP22 4LE

Alternatively, you can write to him at the House of Commons:

House of Commons


Website: http://www.richardbacon.org.uk/index.html


Members of European Parliament

Click here or flag to visit EU website for details of Estern Region MEPs

Click for link to EU website