Hempnall parish Council's members are local people from all walks of life with a common goal of working together to improve the village. This website will help you better understand how the council works and what it does for the village as well as being a valuable resource of up to date local information. This site is designed primarily to be of service to the local community of Hempnall and those interested in the village and it's amenities. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement, help us to make the site what you want it to be. Please feel free to e-mail the Clerk.

There will be no election of parish councillors on 7 May 2015 because there were 9 candidates for the 9 council seats available - click here for Notice of Uncontested Election

District Council Election 07/05/15 - click here for list of candidates

MP Election 07/05/15 - click here for list of candidates


Click Here for Heating Grants Information

Hempnall Church War Memorial Hempnall Mill Village Hall

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